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Knitting & Crochet World Records!

(World's largest crocheted blanket)

At CFC we’ve set many goals for ourselves, from 100 blankets made in 2007 (our first year) to shipping 1,000 blankets in one month (reached last July when we gave away 1,161 blankets in one month).  We’ve been fortunate enough to reach every goal we’ve set!

Despite all our accomplishments, we’re far from the records that other crafters have set. It’s fun to explore just how far this craft can be taken! The largest crocheted blanket is over 185,000 square feet, and was just completed last year for the Nelson Mandela Foundation. It was stitched by over 1,500 inmates at the Drankenstein Correctional Centre in South Africa. I can’t even imagine how many pet blankets that would be!

If you’re not up to making that large of a blanket, you can try your hand at just a crochet chain. You’ll have lots of work to do however, since the longest chain was created in France, and is over 80 miles long! Ann Vanier-Drussel created the chain and says it only took her a bit over five months!

For a record a bit closer to home, check out Lisa Gentry of Monroe, Louisiana. She holds the worlds record for the fastest crocheter! She crocheted a total of 5,118 stitches in just 30 minutes. That’s over 170 stitches per minute. We have to invite her to volunteer for CFC. She could probably finish a pet blanket during a TV commercial break.

(World’s largest knitting needles)

The record for the world’s largest knitting needles was set very close to CFC headquarters. In Casey, Illinois, at the Monroe Elementary School, Jim Bolin showed off his hand-made needles. They are over 13 feet in length! To demonstrate his creation, they were used to knit a square of ten stitches wide by ten rows!

(World’s longest scarf)

I’m sure these amazing needles were not used to create the world’s longest scarf, though it’d be interesting if they were. The longest scarf was knit by Helge Johansen in Oslo, Norway. It was finished in November 2013 after 30 years of work, and measures almost 15,000 feet long!

(World’s record for the most people knitting at one time, in one place)

This final world record is one we can really embrace! The most people knitting at the same time, in a single location, was over 3,000 knitters at an event by the National Federation of Women’s Institutes in London. As I work each night on CFC blankets, I often think about how many other knitters and crocheters are hard at work across the country working on blankets for pets. Unfortunately though, I think these ladies in the UK have us beat!

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