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Making pet blankets = fun group project!



One of the many wonderful things about making Comfort for Critters pet blankets is that it’s something that can be shared with the people in your life.  Are you in a group that could use a fun and easy volunteer project?  If so, making “tied-fleece” blankets is the perfect way for your group to help. Young children can create these on their own, and the non-crafters among us will enjoy it as well. Of course if people in your group can knit or crochet, that's a great way to make blankets as well!

If your group is looking for an outing, you may find it at the end of all your hard work! Plan a trip to your local shelter to deliver the blankets and visit the animals. Though it seems like a simple thing, offering a blanket to a homeless pet, it does provide a lifetime of comfort. It’s also a reminder to them, and to us, that until they find their “forever family,” there are people who care enough to bring comfort to their world.

quick steps to get your group started . . .

Step 1 – Download our group project packet, which has all the information you need to get started.

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Step 2 - Get some free pet blanket patterns! The above packets have directions for fleece blankets, but if you plan to knit or crochet blankets, then visit our Free & Easy Patterns page for great patterns for pet blankets.

Step 3 – Hold the event and have fun! In just a couple hours, quite a few blankets can be made. This project is great for a small Bible study group, an entire Cub Scout Pack, and any size group in between!

Step 4 – Once your blankets are finished, check out our list of participating shelters, to find your nearest shelter. If you can't find one that's close enough, please contact me and I'll find a shelter near you which will love your creations. Once you donate your blankets, please also let me know some details, so that I can record your donation and write an article about your event for publication in our newsletter (and for you to share with your participants).

Free instructions for fleece blankets!


            "No-Tie" Fleece Blanket Instructions                      Tied-Fleece Blanket Instructions

These are both included in the group packet information.

warriors help comfort pets!


I was thrilled when Hailee Ackerman, the head coach of the woman's volleyball team at Meridian High School, in Meridian, Idaho, reached out to me in August. She wanted to kick off her season by getting the players together to help others. These young woman choose to make fleece blankets for their local animal shelter, the Idaho Humane Society in nearby Boise.

Together they crafted ten beautiful and colorful blankets, that will really brighten up the shelter. They donated them last month and sent these wonderful pictures, which document their fun and their caring. It's groups like these, and many others this summer, that prompted me to create our first Group Project Packet. So now we're ready to support groups like these amazing women, as they work to comfort homeless pets.

Thank you Coach Ackerman and thank you team. We're wishing you a winning season....go Meridian Warriors!!!

Anchor Bay High School Key Club Helps Pets!

I just love it when the next generation gets involved in our mission. This month we were blessed with help from one of the chapters of Key Club, an international organization that works with high school students to build character through leadership and service.

The Key Club at Anchor Bay High School in Fair Haven, Michigan chose our group to help, and help they did! They got together for a couple hours mid-July and crafted a beautiful group of 20 tied-fleece blankets. They had fun together and made a positive difference in the lives of 20 homeless pets. Can’t ask for more than that!

A big thank you goes to Kayla L. for doing all the coordination with me. She provided information and these great pictures. I also want to give a shout out to all the group members – Sarah Z, Macie H, Savannah A, Konstantin B, Ethan V, Leanh V, Sydney T, Carlie W and Emily R. I’m sure a bright future awaits each of these caring, young adults.

They donated their 20 beautiful creations to the Oakland County Animal Shelter in Pontiac, Michigan. I know the shelter really appreciated their support and their blankets are likely being cuddled and loved already!


secondhand hounds gets first hand help!

Check out the smiling faces and beautiful blankets made by this group at the Allstate Staff Counsel Office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Seven of them got together and decided to celebrate the holidays with a group charity project. Among the many options they had, they chose Comfort for Critters, and I was thrilled!

One of the lawyers had already worked with a local shelter, Secondhand Hounds, so it was easy to sign them up. They were super-excited to join our program and loved the idea of using the blankets in their foster-care system. As with all the shelters we support, they promised to send the blankets home when their kitties find a forever family. 

This group of volunteers created soft and colorful tied-fleece blankets, just perfect to comfort a homeless pet. As you can see from the pictures, the patterns and bright colors are simply adorable. In total, 15 blankets were donated to Secondhand Hounds, in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

The shelter was sweet enough to immediately send a note of thanks: "With temps near zero here, all our fosters LOVE the snuggly blankets!! Perfect timing! Thank you so very, very much!"

A big thank you goes to Linda S. who reached out to me and did all the coordination. She also plans to spread the word to other Allstate offices, which may want to help in her area. We are always grateful for wonderful people who spread our mission to others. Thank you!!


Another group helps shelter pets

CFC was blessed with a dozen adorable blankets in mid-February. They were crafted by a wonderful group of caring individuals, as part of the Lisle Park District Memory Cafe Group. They included pictures of their group, with the blankets they dropped off, one of which included their therapy dog, Gretchen. She's adorable, and the blankets (pictured below) are too!

Since they are a local group, near CFC "headquarters" (ie. my home) they were able to drop them off for me to ship out. Thank you to everyone who helps me with shipping funds. I just love to be able to ship out the hundreds of blankets I receive, right away! The blankets from this group shipped out quickly as well, which I know they were happy to hear, and it made my day as well!


HAVI global helps out shelter pets!


CFC was again honored to be included in HAVI Global Solutions Partner Fair. HAVI sponsored this fair to kick off their "Week of Giving"! This is a full week of volunteer opportunities for their employees every day. It's a chance to give back to the community, allowing employees to donate up to eight hours to the charity of their choice. 

In total, 46 employees chose CFC and worked to create tied-fleece blankets! Together they created almost 100 blankets, and volunteered 52 hours during their workday.

What a great company and rewarding experience for all involved. Thank you HAVI for being a corporation that truly cares about your employees and the world!

compass montessori makes blankets too!

Compass Montessori School in Wheat Ridge, Colored joined the CFC team, making blankets for pets! This was part of their "Spread the Love" program, which encourages the kids to help their local community by volunteering on Valentine's Day.

They supported two of their local shelters with 22 pet blankets and 50 pet toys! Many Colorado homeless pets are now more comfortable because of these great kids.

Way to go!

Summer fun - under the dome for pets!

The McLean County Museum of History, located in Bloomington, IL, brought crafters together to help their local humane society. These gorgeous creations were made by participants in their "Under the Dome Knit In"!

They created 62 blankets, in all shapes and sizes. They are just perfect for shelter pets...who also come in all shapes and sizes! 

When they brought the blankets to their local shelter, the staff was thrilled to see them walk through the door...with a cart loaded with their colorful creations.

Many of the program participants have also adopted, or rescued, pets. So this was the perfect project for a fun night together!

arrowhead union high school helps wi shelters!

This wonderful school organized a series of blanket making events, over multiple days, getting so many young adults involved in volunteering!

Over 100 students participated, giving a total of 260 hours of volunteer time to help homeless pets! In total 300 blankets were made, which is simply amazing!

They were distributed to a number of animal shelters in Wisconsin and are providing a lifetime of comfort to 300 lucky pets!

books to help you make blankets ... and help us ship our free blankets!


Support our mission with the purchase of our pattern books: Crochet for Critters & Crochet for Your ComfortEach book has 30 crochet patterns that are perfect for pet blankets. They also tell the story of CFC and why crafting helps the crafter along with the pet! Every purchase keeps us going and keeps us shipping our free blankets!

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girl scout troop helps pets!


These blankets were made by Girl Scout Troop 134 from Elk Grove Village, IL.

They are so lively and colorful...and will really brighten up the shelters that receive them. What great kids and leaders!

Kips bay towers helps pets!

On March 1st an awesome group of animal lovers in New York got together to help comfort the pets at their local shelter. This event, called "Kips Bay Towers Condominium CARES", was spearheaded by Jodie and she did a wonderful job!

Over fifty residents, including kids, got together for a couple hours and created 26 blankets and a big basket of cat toys. They also raised $265 for Puppy Kitty New York City, which is their local shelter and joined our program last year.

In the flyer Jodie created she asked residents, "What better thing is there to do on a cold winter day, than gather with friends and family and make blankets and toys for shelter animals?" As we all appreciate (even more today), there certainly isn't anything better!

Jodie reported, after the event, "Everyone there had a good time and had fun, and it was all for a great cause! Everyone who attended was very impressed with what CFC does for animals. I'm very proud to be part of the CFC organization!" A big THANK YOU goes to this amazing group!

PSECU makes 108 blankets!


Employees from PSECU (Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union) held a blanket making event at three of their offices in Pennsylvania.

They made over 100 blankets and delivered them to area shelters. This is a great example of like-minds coming together for a great cause.

Amy S. of Harrisburg, PA kept me updated, saying, "everyone who participated in making blankets really enjoyed it, especially knowing that their efforts will bring comfort and warmth to shelter pets." 

A big THANK YOU goes to this group for working to comfort so many homeless pets. Their 108 blankets will be loved for a lifetime!

U of AZ helps pets!

These members of the Honors Student Council at the University of Arizona, are dropping off their handmade blankets at the Hermitage Cat Shelter in Tucson, Arizona. This organization made 54 colorful fleece blankets, which will really liven up the shelter! They are hoping these creations will comfort shelter pets and help them find their forever homes. Maddy, the leader of this group, shares, "this entire experience has been amazing, from making the blankets to dropping them off at the shelter." What a great way for a group to do good AND have fun!

chase bank helps kids and pets!

Every year Chase Bank supports their employees, and the children of their employees, with a "Bring Your Child to Work" day. Part of this event is dedicated to a philanthropic endeavor, and we're thrilled that this year Chase supported CFC!

In total, 70 kids participated, ages 7 through 12 years old. They each made their own blanket, to comfort a homeless pet. A big thank you goes to all these great kids, for making such a big difference and such a young age!

hickory point school makes toys for pets!

CFC has been blessed with a huge delivery of pet toys, made by the students at Hickory Point School in Northbrook, IL. These students participated in a "Trash to Treasure" project in order to learn about reducing, reusing and recycling. 

As all the levels, at this grade school, helped out, the kids were thrilled to see the mountain of toys they had created together. They were even more excited to know that their toys would be helping homeless pets, who need a bit of comforting!

A big "thank you" goes to the fabulous teachers and kids who are making such a huge difference to animal shelter pets.

Derryfield School's 50 acts of kindness!

Debra A. of Goffstown, NH created these 50 colorful blankets as part of the Derryfield School's 50th anniversary celebration, where she is on staff. The school challenged students, faculty, alumni and parents to complete "50 Acts of Kindness", to reinforce their commitment to community service. 

Debra delivered her creations to her local shelter, and shares, "it was fun to watch the cats cozy up to them!"  She also shares her belief that, "great things happen when we serve, and then share those experiences with others." Thank you Debra for serving and sharing!