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baltimore Humane Society (ME)

"We just wanted to let you know we received the beautiful handmade blankets! As you can see in the attached photo, the beautiful Moette loves hanging out on her blanket. Thanks so much for all your organization does for shelter animals and thank you for thinking of us and providing these blankets."

project MEOW (pa)

THANK YOU! One of our fosters brought home one of your beautiful blankets to her senior foster cat, Frankie Hollywood. He's headed to his forever home this weekend, and we're so excited to send his blanket home with him. I also got a picture of him playing with one of the toy mice you gave us. Thanks!

Valley humane society (CA)

"Please let your volunteers, who make items for the adoptions, know that Charlotte (pictured) is enjoying her blanket!"

Red Door Animal Shelter (il)

"Piper thinks these colorful blankets from Comfort for Critters compliment her fur quite well. She would like to thank all of the people who worked hard to make all of these cozy blankets, she knows the rest of the shelter animals will love them as much as she does."

safe Haven dog rescue (il)


"Transport days are long days for the pups. They don't get water or fed in the morning as it's a long trip starting around 4:15am, way down south in Tennessee, and arriving up here about 11-12 hours later, depending on traffic and weather. Then there's the excitement of meeting their foster family, getting a bath and fed. By then they're pretty knocked out. Here's a photo of a couple of today's transports snoozing under their CFC snuggles. The folks at Safe Haven really love & appreciate the efforts of you and your volunteers!"

palm valley animal society

Meet Topher at PVAS, as he cuddles his CFC blanket!

"On behalf of the animals and the Palm Valley team, we would like to thank you and the Comfort for Critters volunteers for these cozy blankets! These blankets will keep our animals comfortable and warm in their new forever homes.

Your donation makes a huge impact and is greatly appreciated by our animals and everyone on the PVAS team."

Here's Tinkerbell at PVAS enjoying her CFC blanket too!

good mews (GA)

"This is a picture of Patriot enjoying one of your blankets! Thank you for the beautiful creations! Our kitties love them and our adopters enjoy being able to take the blanket home with their new kitty. As always, I thank you for thinking of us."

Critter Camp (IL)

"Thank you so much to Comfort for Critters for the great fleece bedding! Miss Bunny, the Fennec Fox, is enjoying her new blankie already!"

paws 4 life (CT)

"We LOVE all the blankets that you make for us! We use the blankets while the cats are in our care and then every cat that is adopted goes home with one. The adopters love them! Thank you for everything your organization does for shelter pets."

Chenango SPCA (NY)

"Dobby (pictured above) came to us as a stray. Turns out he was on the streets for a month after his human mom died. Human dad stopped in to visit and was shocked to see his cat. This large boy was a joy to us with a wonderful and feisty personality. Yesterday was his first day home in 5.5 months, and yes, his blanket went with him! 

good mews (GA)

"Cotton and his friends want to thank Comfort for Critters for making these gorgeous blankets for them! The blankets are sent home with the adopted kitties, so they have something to comfort them while they transition into their new home! Thank you for thinking of our cats and kittens!"

Cat Care Society (CO)

           "We just received a beautiful assortment of blankets from Peggy B. They have been approved by Nonie, chief blanket inspector at Cat Care Society. We adopt over 400 cats a year to their forever homes with their blankets. Thank you so much, it makes a huge impact on adopters to know that someone cares enough to make a difference in our cats' lives. Purrs!"

chenango spca (ny)

"We so appreciate what you and your volunteers do for so many animals. We tried something new when the box arrived. It didn't work out as I hoped, but it was a lot of fun. We thought we'd let the cats pick their own blanket!

They were like kids in a candy shop, rolling on them all, crawling underneath and a few took a nap! Thank you all for being who you are, the world is a better place because of you!"   

dupage county animal shelter (IL)



"I wanted to email to thank you for the BEAUTIFUL blankets from Comfort for Critters. Our animals are already enjoying them. Attached is a picture of one of our newest residents, Daisy. Daisy came in and hadn't been groomed in so many years that her fur wasn't even matted anymore, it was in locks that reached past the floor. The soft blanket provided by your organization helps her sensitive skin feel better! Also...I'm wondering where you purchased the yarn. All the women at the shelter are in LOVE with the colors! Thank you again!"

whiskers or wags (ky)


"Thank you so very much for the kitty blankets! They LOVE them! This is Sunshine! She has been at the shelter since September 11, 2017. She came in with two little, 6 week old kittens. They are all grown up now and she and her boys are still here. She has come a long way! She was very, very shy and her boys were wild little things. Now they all want attention and love. We have over 140 cats and kittens at the moment and are so very thankful for the blankets!"

furry friends animal rescue (tx)


"We would like to give a huge thank you to Comfort for Critters, for sending us toys and blankets for our foster cats and dogs! This photo shows one of our fosters' resident cats checking out the merchandise! As you can see, he gives them two paws up! The dogs love the toys and the kittens love these blankets, which we send home with them when they get adopted. Thank you, Comfort for Critters, for your kindness to rescue groups like ours!"

upper valley humane society (NH)




chenango SPca (NY)


"As you can see, our cats are enjoying their new blankets. They always seem to love these new blankets so much more than they do a towel or rug to sleep on. They start our slowly sniffing it and then climbing on it, and some like Bruce will wear it on his back. You and your volunteers are amazing for thinking of our animal's needs. Something like this goes a long way in their lives."

montrose animal services (co)

"Here are our pets, loving their blankets! Thank you for your generosity!!"

cat care society (co)

"Thank you so much for the beautiful blankets for our cats. My office cat 'Krista' (above) inspects them before they go to the shelter. Each cat adopted goes home with a blanket just for them! What a wonderful thing! Purrs!"

virginia beach SPCa (VA)

"I was out of the office for a few days and came back to such a wonderful surprise - a lovely box full of handcrafted blankets for our animals! Thank you so very much! I have given the blankets to our shelter staff and will send you some pictures of animals napping on them soon!"

Magnificent Mutts (Il)

"We would like to say a super huge 'THANK YOU' for all the amazing blankets that you all donated to us!! All of our kitties are now going home with a very special, handmade security blanket that will make the transition to their forever home much smoother! You are such a thoughtful, generous and creative group of people!!!"

Greater chicago ferret Association (Il)

"The GCFA would like to thank you for your generous donation of two full bags of homemade blankets, covers and cloth toys. We are extremely grateful for your generosity!"

kenosha forgotten friends (WI)

"Meowy thanks to Comfort for Critters for the beautiful mats for the kitties. They will especially be enjoyed on cold winter days! Our Phoenix (below, left), who had been doused in chemicals and is now recovering, chose her own color (the orange one!) and pulled it right out of the box and laid on it! Esa Mae (below, right) couldn't wait for them to be unpacked! She claimed the whole box!! Thank you Linda and Comfort for Critters for your kindness!"


Red River SPCA (TX)...

"These kittens were rescued separately (part of two litters) and bottle-fed. I put these two together for comfort...and added one of the CFC blankets. Then I placed the blue blanket on the floor to see what kind of reaction would occur. The PitBull (one of nine I'd rescued in response to the Sheriff's Department, when they were tiny puppies) pulled it under herself. The wolf (pure, not a hybrid, not adoptable) lay down next to the Pit for their mutual comfort routine. And my old Peke joined the group to reinforce the versatility and trust between these wonderful critters. Thank you for your great program! God bless you and your talented volunteers."


Kenosha Forgotten Friends (WI)...

"I would like to say, on behalf of all our kitties, that not only are the mats beautiful, but they all love them! It really helps when we deliver the kitty to their new home that they get to take their favorite 'blankie' with their own smell on it. I think it helps the transition for them.

One of our kitties took his blanket with him, and I mean took it with him! In his new home he carried it from place to place wherever he wanted to lay. He carried it in his mouth and put it down to sleep! I wish I had a video of that one! Thank you so much for thinking of our organization and our animals!"

C&W Rustic Hollow Shelter (IA)...

"Buttercup is a 17 year old feline who loves sleeping and lounging on your soft blankets. She is a sweet girl who has litter aversion, but we love her anyway! Thank you for sharing with  C&W furs."

Dire Straits (IL)...

"My foster dog, Ward Witt, LOVES his blanket. Thank you for providing these blankets to rescues and shelters."

Adrianne's Angels / St. George Pet Rescue (IL)...

"Five kittens started their lives last night on some Comfort for Critters blankets. Thanks Linda and all your great volunteers!"

Town Cats (CA)

"If the cats could thank you, they surely would with a head butt and a purr. We deeply appreciate your time and talent. Your beautiful creations are in use at our adoption center in pet food stores, in foster homes and at the shelter itself. Thank you.

These orphaned cats get so many hand-me-downs and they don't mind, but it warms my heart to give them something bright, cozy, and new that is just for them - a new blanket of their very own. Thank you."

Home Alone Feline Rescue (VA)

"Thanks so much for the absolutely beautiful box of pet blankets. Here are a few pictures of my foster babies enjoying the blankets.

Each one will take one of them home when they go to their forever home. Your group is so kind to share these, and they are very appreciated!"

Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition (NY)


"This is one of our little kittens enjoying the comfort of one of your lovely blankets. They are so wonderful and we are grateful to your organization for providing them to us. Thank you!!"

Harmony House for Cats (IL)


"This photograph shows the kitty enjoying her blanket. They all love them! Thank you so much for all the hard work of your volunteers. Each one has such vibrant colors and craftmanship!"

Animal Care Services (TX)


"Here's ACS foster dog Ziggy snuggling up on his CFC blanket. He loves it - especially since he's quite uncomfortable now until his demox mange goes away. His soft CFC blanket feels good on his raw, itchy skin."

Dire Straits (IL)

"We love your soft, warm blankets and use them all the time! This is 'Grandma Lucy' enjoying several of them!"

C&W Rustic Hollow Shelter (IA)

"Ashley is a kitty with Hyperthyroidism and he likes his blanket in his cat bed! He is in a kennel for the moment, but will soon have a room of his own... with his own blankie!

We really appreciate CFC and all you do for felines to make them comfortable. We also use the blankets in our isolation cages when kitties are being medically treated or are sick. They are purrfect for the cages. Thank you for sharing with C&W furs."

Town Cats (CA)


"You are so wonderful! Thank you for the donation of beautiful, handmade blankets. We received these blankets, and as you can see in the photos of Cocoa and Noah, the kittens clearly love the blankets! They snuggle right in.

The blankets are so well-made and the colors are gorgeous. You make cute kittens look even cuter! Thank you for your kindness and generosity!"

House Rabbit Society of Chicago (IL)

"Thanks so much for the blankets for our bunnies! Every bunny that goes to an adoptive home gets a package, with a blanket. Here's a picture of my English Angora foster rabbit, Willoughby, sleeping on his blankie."

Union County Animal Control (NC)


"Here's a picture of Union County Animal Control kittens luvin' their blankets from Comfort for Critters. You sent these last fall, and I had to share this pic with you. Thank you for all you do."

Rescue Me Shelter (KY)

"This is Holly, and Holly loves her blanket! She will not share it either - LOL! Thanks so much!"

Magnificent Mutts (IL)


"I would love to let all of your hardworking volunteers know just how much they are appreciated and how far reaching their donations travel! Almost every animal that comes into rescue comes with just the fur on their back. Thank you SO much for all your hard work and the love that you put into each and every blanket you make!!

My fosters are mostly dachshunds and they love to burrow into blankets more than just about anything. Each one of them pretty much picks out which blanket is theirs and that's the one that goes home with them!! Doxies can never have enough blankets! Take care and God bless!"

Lynchburg Humane Society (VA)

"Thank you so much for the lovely, cozy blankets for the cats! We received them today, and they are fantastic! I've attached a few pictures of one of our current kittens eager to see what was in the box. This is such a wonderful gift for our center for pets. Thank you for all the time and care spent making these!"

Rover Rescue (IL)


"Here is a picture of Shadow. She was the runt of a litter of 6 puppies and she couldn't even walk when we first got her. I think she hadn't had a chance to develop her muscles, but she was fine after a couple of days. She has hip problems from it already at 7 months, but is extremely happy and loves her soft blankie! Such a lucky doggy.

Thank you to whomever made these blankets. They are so comforting for all the fosters!!"

good mews animal foundation (ga)

"The Good Mews kitties would like to thank Comfort for Critters for the blankets they sent! As you can see, the kitties are loving them. Catsanova (above) loved his so much, he fell asleep on it for hours! Amy Lee (below) was so enthralled with hers, she rolled around on it and even did the bunny kick with it. We told her it was a blankie, not a toy! Thank you Comfort for Critters for thanking of our kitties!"

Thank you volunteers & supporters!!!

Good mews animal foundation (GA)

"Lily and the other Good Mews kitties want to thank you for making them some blankets!"

Chenango SPCA (NY)

"I hope you enjoy these photos of Zucchi. This young lady came to us at only six weeks of age. She was skin and bones and had a severe respiratory infection. We weren't sure if she'd survive. After a couple months of treatment and a lot of TLC she was ready for adoption. And then nothing, no one looking at her. Zucchini kept growing and became more loving. Your last box of blankets arrived and we let Zucchini help us unpack it.

As you can see there wasn't much unpacking going on! She already had one of your blankets but after being with us so long she needed a new one.

Then on the 5th of the month, Zucchini found herself a forever home! Please thank all your volunteers for all they do and let them know they make a difference one blanket at a time."

Nebraska Humane Society (NE)


"The hand knitted and crocheted blankets are just lovely and our kitties are loving them! Thank you so much for the box of love! I've sent along a few photos of some of our felines appreciating them. I wanted to get these to you so you knew we received them and our cats are definitely enjoying them. Thank you for sending them so that these guys have comfort in the kennels, plus something familiar to go home with."    

cat depot (fl)


"I wanted to reach out and say thank you for your recent donation of blankets! I thought the volunteers may want to see a photo of their blankets in action. These are two current foster kittens, who I am lucky enough to be fostering, and they LOVE their blankets. Bella (mostly black) and Noodle (most white) will move them around to make sure they are in the sunniest spot for their nap. Thank you again for sending blankets for our kitties. The staff and kitties are very grateful!!

animal protective association (MO)

"I just wanted to send a thank you for the beautiful handmade blankets that we recently received. To date, we have adopted out nearly 4,000 pets. These blankets help provide comfort to the pets in our care.

I'm enclosing a photo of littermates 'Chicken Noodle' and 'Split Pea' enjoying one of the blankets. We really appreciate you thinking of our kitties!" 

Wright-way rescue (il)

"Thank you so much for the hand made blankets for our pups! Here's a going-home photo with the pup and their special blanket made with love!"

Lifeline Animal Project (ga)

"We got a box of beautiful blankets for our kittens. Thank you all for this, the kitties love them and so do we!"

Animal care league (il)

"We received your donation of blankets and the cats love them. They are the perfect size for their boxes and platform beds. Thank you to all the volunteers and to your organization. It's so nice that people care so much for the comfort of our animals. For homeless pets, it's these gestures that make them feel wanted and loved."

angela's Angels (oh)

"I want to thank Comfort for Critters for sending these beautiful handmade blankets and kitty toys to my rescue kitties. It is such a special feeling to send one of these blankets with my rescue cats when they are adopted and going to their new, loving families."

McKamey animal center (tn)

"I wanted to let you know we received our box of blankets today and our cats think they are purrfect! Thank you so much for getting us added to your program. I've attached these three photos of our kitties. They all instantly started purring, making kitty biscuits, and snuggled up on them. Thank you so much, we can't wait for our next box!"

Harmony House for Cats (IL)

"We would like to send a big thank you to Comfort for Critters! Comfort for Critters volunteers make the beautiful blankets that get sent home with Harmony House cats. This helps cats transition to their new homes by taking something with them that smells familiar. We are so grateful to the Comfort for Critters volunteers that help ensure our cats get the best start in their new homes."

stay-a-while (oh)


"Our kitties at Stay-A-While Cat Shelter love their comfort mats! They get so excited when new ones arrive and are placed in their beds!"

good mews (ga)

"The Good Mews kitties would like to thank you for the beautiful blankets you sent. Attached is a picture of Esi, modeling it! We will be sure to send the blankets home with our adopted kitties."

Good Mews Animal Foundation 

- Marietta, GA -

saving cats & kittens in michigan (MI)

"Saving Cats & Kittens really appreciates the box of lovely & soft sewn and crocheted blankets from CFC! The cats have soft beds and lounging areas in the play room. Caviar (shown below) approves of the blankie that matches his carrot squeaky toy! Thank you ladies!"

chicagoland Animal Rescue (il)

"Recently we received an amazingly generous donation of cat beds from the super crafters at Comfort for Critters. We are so grateful for their donation. Check out Sushi appreciating his new coordinating bed, and some of the beautiful colors and patterns we were gifted. We will make sure to send our CFC donated blankets home with them as they are adopted, too."

chicago animal care & control (Il)


"Thank you for the donation! Here is what one of the volunteers posted in our internal group: I arrived today and saw a bag of donated quilted blankets. It was such a welcoming gift for our dogs. The photo doesn't do these beautifully sewn and stitched quilts justice, but our dogs took notice! One of our newest arrivals, an owner surrender, curled up and fell asleep. I assure the group that donated these wonderful, cozy trimmed blankets, they were put to use! I was blown away, each blanket has a sewn border and decorative stitching. Someone really put love and time into each one."  


good mews (GA)

"Thank you so much for the blankets! Maui (above) loves his and we will send the rest home with the kitties when they get adopted!"

Cat welfare advocates (CA)

"We received a package of beautiful, homemade blankets from CFC. We want to thank all of you for all that you do. Cats like to be cozy and warm and it is important for them to have something of their own as they await adoption and as they transition into their new homes. The creations will also help us market the cats who are up for adoption, as they look so adorable on their cat-sized 'magic carpets'. We thank you again for your kindness and continued generosity to animals in need."

good mews (GA)

"We received another box of blankets and the kitties love them, thank you! This picture is Freda, claiming hers. Thank you!"   

kenosha Forgotten Friends (WI)

"Bows loves her blankets that Kenosha Forgotten Friends received from Comfort for Critters. Though some of them are for her siblings, she decided to claim them all for herself! Thank you for making these beautiful blankets!"

Harmony House (il)

"This is one of our kitties 'inspecting' all the wonderful blankets that just arrived. Or is he hoping to save them all for himself? We are so grateful for the blankets, and the adopters comments on how beautiful they are, and what an awesome gift for their new cat or kitten. Thank you to all the Comfort for Critters volunteers for sharing their time and talent to make blankets for our cats."

Stay-A-While (OH)

"I wanted to thank you guys, so much, for the cute little blankets you sent us. The cats just love them! Thank you for thinking of our cats, and for having their comfort in mind.

I'm attaching a photo of 'Friday' (shown above) one of our office cats, laying on a blanket we received from you. She is arthritic, and the soft blanket makes her feel so much better. Keep up the great work! A big thank you from all the humans and felines at Stay-A-While cat shelter!"

good mews (GA)

"The Good Mews kitties would like to thank you for the beautiful blankets and toys you sent them! Pictured is Reggie (shown above) and Alice (shown below) loving them! Thank you for always thinking of us!" 

Catman2 (NC)


"The cats LOVE their blankets. We would absolutely love more whenever y'all want to give 'em! The Siamese Manx cat pictured is Bianca, who loves to hog the blankets. Todd is the 17 year old Devon Rex cat pictured on the chair - excuse me, THRONE - with his blanket. They really enjoy them. Thanks so much!"

Good Mews (GA)

"This is a picture of Apple, enjoying one of the blankets. We do love receiving them and we send them home with our adopted cats so they have something to comfort them while they transition into their new homes. The kitties love them, as well as the adopters. We would love to get more! Thank you so much for thinking of us!"

Pulaski COunty Humane society (ky)

 "We are very appreciative of your donated blankets. We always send our foster babies home with their favorite one. I'm enclosing a couple photographs, showing our foster babies tucked in with their favorite CFC blanket. Thank you!"

treasured animal rescue (il)


"Thank you so much for your kind donation of the handmade blankets. Here is a picture of our foster dog Zack (aka Squeaker). Zack loves to hang out on his dog bed, under his blankie. He found great comfort in his new blankie. Kudos for all your hard work your organization provides to help our furry friends."

Cat Welfare Advocates (Ca)

     "Thank you so much for the stunningly beautiful, handmade blankets that we received at Cat Welfare Advocates. You guys are awesome! As you can see, the blankets passed inspection.

We distribute the blankets to kittens in foster homes and as each kitten gets adopted, his or her blankie goes with the cat to the cat's new family. The blankets bring the cats comfort and they look so adorable on or under them. The blankets soften the hard look of the cages that we use to house the kittens at adoption fairs. The colorful blankets really are an important marketing asset; it is easier for potential adopters to imagine the kitten in their own home. Thank you all for your gifts!"

Animal Protective Association (MO)

 "I just wanted to thank you for the recent donation of cat blankets. Our kitties love to snuggle on them while at the shelter. Once one of our cats are adopted, we send their blanket home with them so they can have something with a familiar scent to help them adjust to their new environment. Thanks so much for all of the work your group does!"  

red dooR animal shelter (IL)








"Walden thinks all the volunteers at Comfort for Critters are tops for all the blankets they make for needy animals.The ones pictured here all look super cozy and very pretty!" 

animal protective association of missouri (Mo)

"Thank you so much for the box of toys and blankets. I have attached a few pictures (above) of our cats enjoying them. Our staff and animals appreciate all that you do! Thank you!"

house with a heart (MD)

"THANK YOU!!! Our pups have been enjoying the wonderful blankets that you sent us. You were so generous, so we shared some with our rescue partners as well. Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated!"

Lowell humane Society (MA)

"Thank you for our latest donation of these awesome blankets!! The animals always love snuggling up on these. Autumn (above) definitely approves!! You guys ROCK!!!"

rover rescue (IL)

"Thank you so much for the blankets! I have attached a few pictures of the dogs using your blankets. The yellow Lab wanted to lay on the blanket, but she was too big, so she pulled the blanket over to her big bed and laid on it. In one of the pictures, the basset hound is trying to take the blanket out from under the Lab! Thanks so much!"

chenango SPCA (ny)

"Thank you so much for our new box of blankets! Thank all your amazing, you included for the donation of blankets and toys. It is so much fun watching the 'kids' pick out their blankets. The staff has seen a difference in some of the cats! Thank you and ALL your amazing volunteers for what they do."

chenango SPCA (NY)


"One of your amazing volunteers stopped in yesterday with a bag full of blankets. One is more beautiful than the next. I thought you would like to see one of our kittens, Ham, picking out her own blanket! Again, thank you for all you do!!"

whitman county humane society (WA)

"Thank you very much for the blankets! I have attached some pictures of the animals using them. Thank you so much!"

triple r pets (il)

"We followed your suggestion to share the blankets with our feral cat caretakers. It is a wonderful idea and the blankets are comforting many cats that have very little kindnesses shown to them. Thank you!"

Rescue Me (KY)

"Little Sammy was very sick when we took him in. He loves his blanket and now that he is all well, he pulls his blanket around with his teeth everywhere he goes. We call him Linus. Thank you so much for helping Sammy feel better."

Boone Area Humane Society (IA)

"This is our shelter mascot, Joe, who insists on trying out the blankets first! We just received another box full of your beautiful blankets, or as we call them 'snuggie', for our cats and dogs! We are so grateful! Thank you so much!

Our cats especially love them. When every cat or kitten gets adopted they get to take their special blanket home with them to adjust to their furrever home! Thanks again for all you do, it really makes a difference!"

Four Paws (IL)

"Here is a photo I hope you can use to send to your volunteers. This is Sean, one of two Siamese cats that were dumped on the side of the road in one carrier. Our rescues appreciate your volunteers' beautiful work.

Thank you for helping to make our rescues comfortable while they await their new home!"

C&W Rustic Hollow Shelter (IA)

"Oma is a semi-feral (wild) kitty who was rescued from a bad situation and had to have a total ear ablation as her one ear was totally closed (she had been shot by a BB gun). We really appreciate Comfort for Critters and all you do for felines to make them comfortable. We also use the blankets in our isolation cages when kitties are being medically treated or are sick. They are purrfect for the cages. Thank you for sharing with C&W furs."

Almost Home Foundation (IL)

"We got the nicest surprise when we went to Luv-A-Pet tonight...blankets for kitties!! Purrl made herself at home on the beautiful blue fleece blanket! I love seeing our rescued cats having the same type of comfort they would have in their own home.

Rescues stretch to provide the medical care, food and basic supplies for our pets. Each cat having a blanket of their own is not always in the budget. You can see from the photo how important it is to the pet. Thank you to you, and all the angels at CFC. Please keep up the good work!"

Franklin County Humane Society (VT)

"We just received our blankets! Thank you so much. This picture shows Little Ben checking them out. Thanks again, they are much appreciated!"

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Good Mews (ga)



"The Good Mews kitties would like to thank you for making them beautiful blankets! We are having an adoption special next weekend, so these will be perfect to send home with the adopted kitties! Thank you again!"


Assisi animal foundation (IL)

"Thank you so much for your donation of the blankets! My office manager Snowflake loves testing them! Thanks!"

dogs playing for life (fl)

"The first photo is a wonderful older dog named Duke, enjoying one of your blankets. The other picture is of Velvet, my roommate. She was adopted and then returned to us (with her blanket) because she wasn't a good fit. She always wants to be snuggled up in her blanket! Thank you so much for all the good work you do and for helping keep our dogs cozy!"

Spay & Stay (il)

"Spay and Stay is very appreciative of the kitty beds that they use and take to their new home. This is Jenna, and she will have 2 children of her own and a nice dog in her new home. She looks smashing on this color, but all the beds are beautiful and well made. Thank you!"

animal protective association of missouri (MO)


"I just wanted to thank you for our recent donation of handmade blankets for our kitties at the Animal Protective Association of Missouri. We always look forward to receiving your blankets, our cats love them! The blankets are also used in the cat's go home carrier, as they get adopted, so they have a familiar scent in their new home. I have attached a few pictures, thanks again for thinking of us!"

animal welfare league (il)

"On behalf of the Animal Welfare League, we would like to send a heartfelt thank you for the beautiful handmade blankets and cat toys, sprinkled with catnip. Our animals truly enjoy using them. Your kind act of charity has provided comfort to our homeless animals. Thank you for what you do."

asheville humane society (NC)

"We so appreciate this thoughtful gift for our felines! The blankets are meant to go with kitties to their new home after adoption, so they have something familiar to help them adjust. Ellie (show above) LOVES her new blankie and immediately purred and snuggled up under it! Thank you so much. Small acts of kindness go a long way in making the animals in our care feel cozy and loved!"

Good Mews (ga)

"We received the blankets and they are great! Thank you so much. Our kitties will be so happy to have a cute blanket now and when they go to their new homes. This picture is Freda. Thanks again!"

Austin Humane society (TX)


"We just received our first box of blankets and love them! We already had a handful of kittens go home with new blankets today. The size of the blankets is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for reaching out and adding us to your list. We are so grateful and excited!"

chenango SPCA (ny)

"Your last box of blankets came just in time for a new batch of kittens. I hope the photos make you smile!" 

dupage county animal shelter (IL)


chenango SPCA (NY)

"These photos show kitties (Serena shown above, Lily and Lola shown below) who have all been adopted and headed home with one of your blankets." 

"Mr. Mike (shown below) is a cuddly guy who has been with us since he was a tiny kitten and has yet to find himself a home. His day will come! He's loving shelter life as you see him rolling over on his blanket.

Mike is also enrolled in the Jackson Galaxy Cat Pawsitive Program where he is learning high fives, nose touch and other things to help him find a home of his own. Thank you again for all you do!"


Harmony house (il)

"The cat in the picture was adopted today, with his brother, about half an hour after the box (of blankets) arrived. We sent them both home with blankets from that box and with a catnip pillow that he immediately found in the box. Thank you for what you do! It really helps our cats start out well in their new homes."

chenango spca (NY)


"We received blankets a week ago, so as you can see the cats are enjoying them already. The kitten is Lennie, he is always shy without his brother George. He started out nervous on the blanket but we then added some Feliway spray and he seemed to calm down. I would like to once again thank all your volunteers for doing what they do to make shelter cats' time in a shelter more comfortable. Thank you all again!"


a forever home Rescue (FL)

"Those of us at A Forever Home Rescue, in Florida, would like to send a huge THANK YOU to Wendy C., a member of the Comfort for Critters team, for restocking us in adoption blankets! Also, we wanted to send our appreciation to Comfort for Critters, for always helping to get the word out of our needs. The entire group is just amazing and, although it might not get stated enough, are much appreciated for the generous gestures of providing animals an item of comfort and reassurance, as they adjust to their new family and home. Thanks to all of you for doing what you do!"

Good Mews (GA)

"The Good Mews kitties would like to thank you for the blankets and toys you sent them. They are so beautiful and we are looking forward to sending them home with our adopted cats! The picture shows Gusty, enjoying his favorite one!"

tails adoptions (CO)

"We love your blankets and so do our cats. This is our gorgeous Casper, hanging out in the outdoor enclosure sitting on her comfy blanket. Thank you so much for everything you do in making the life of a shelter pet that much brighter.

Frankie's friends cat rescue (PA)

"Luke and '8' want to thank you guys on behalf of Frankie's Friends. These are amazing! The perfect size and will be very much loved and appreciated.

Luke is missing a back leg and his tail. This doesn't slow him down a bit and he does Luke 'Zoomies' around the office. He does need his bladder expressed daily and sometimes leaves Hershey kisses so he will probably live with us forever, but he loves it here. 8 was found emaciated on local railroad tracks with a broken jaw and covered in maggots. He's also a happy lifer and visits nursing homes. They are unofficial mascots!"

Animal protective association (mo)

"Thank you so much for your donation of blankets. We will utilize these blankets in our feline enclosures and in go-home carriers. I have attached a picture of one of our cats enjoying one of your blankets! Thanks for thinking of us!"

chenango spca (NY)

   "These two boys were the best together. Hank and Honey Suckle, both adopted, not together but loving the day. Thank you for giving them this time to just enjoy life!" 

kansas city pet project (MO)

"We sincerely appreciate your gift of the blankets!! We received the shipment yesterday. We thank you and we know the pets at our shelter will have a warm blanket to sleep with. Thanks again for the blankets and toys. Leo the dog (above) are enjoying his!"

greater chicago ferret association (IL)

"The GCFA would like to thank you for your generous gift of cage mats that you recently donated to the shelter. Your donation will help us and we are extremely grateful for your generosity. Linda, on behalf of the GCFA board of Directors, thank you so much for your support and for thinking of us!"

saving cats & kittens in michigan (MI)

"Thank you so much for what you do! Our rescue cats love the blankets they are sent home with, as is shown by Lana here on the first night in her new home!"

red river spca (tx)

"It's hard to get a picture of these critters enjoying their blankets without posing them, but my favoriet is the two little dogs comforting each other right after they were spayed. In addition to the blankets being beautiful, they're soft and durable and they wick up moisture. Thank you again!"

chenango SPCA (NY)

"Your amazing box of goodies arrived earlier this week and we are all so grateful. Please tell your volunteers how much the animals are enjoying their blankets and catnip toys. We also had a litter of pups go home, and they love their new rope toys.

As you can see from the photos, we have a large sculpture room that holds 18 cats and they ALL had to check out the blankets. The blue one was a big hit! Our cats had a great time picking out their very own blanket and catnip toy! Thank you to CFC volunteers for donating their time and sending us these items."

furry friends animal rescue (tx)

"Thank you Comfort for Critters for sending us goodies for our foster animals! Tucker, one of our foster's resident cats, tested them out and gave his stamp of approval. We can't wait to use them and hand these blankets and balls out when our animal gets adopted. Thank you very much!"

rover rescue (il)

"Thank you for the warm, comfy blankets. These blankets will help dogs have a warm winter. You're truly a lifesaver to the homeless dogs of Rover Rescue. Your contribution will be used for the care of our many homeless dogs and puppies. Thank you for your kindness."

tree house humane society (Il)

"Our kitties are some of the most overlooked animals, and often in urgent need of help and comfort. Thank you so much for bringing a little more comfort to rescued animals, who in turn will bring comfort to their new humans, making the world a better place!"

Red door animal shelter (Il)

"I just discovered your box of blankets. I immediately distributed the beautiful blankets to the bunnies and kitties. I've attached some images from our photo shoot (above). Thank you so much for thinking of us and all you do for the animals."

helping paws pet haven (In)

"The catnip pouches are wonderful! They really enjoy them as you can see. Kris Kringle has claimed his! Thank you so much! The blankets are great. The fleece works so well and the kitties enjoy them!"

Union county animal shelter (IL)

"Baby says thanks to CFC for all the beautiful blankets and catnip balls! A belated Merry Christmas to all of the volunteers from Adrianne's Angels and their fur babies!"

Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare coalition (NY)

Critter camp (Il)

"Thank you sooo much from Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary!! Here, blind ferret 'Sugar' chooses her new blanket!"

Adrianne's ANgels (IL)

"Baby says thanks to CFC for all the beautiful blankets and catnip balls! A belated Merry Christmas to all of the volunteers from Adrianne's Angels and their fur babies!"

Homeward pet (WA)

"Here are pictures of our cats and kittens enjoying their new blankets at HPAC. Thank you for sharing these with the volunteers, and tell them how much we appreciate their generosity!"

kenosha forgotten friends (wi)

"We received the box of beautiful blankets yesterday. We decided that our little Phoenix, who is suffering from severe burns, got first pick at the softest one! Here she is on one of them (along with her Green Bay Packers shirt)! We have found these blankets are a huge help when the animal goes to their new home to take along their scent. Thank you so much for all the work that goes into making these babies comfortable!"

Rescue Me Shelter (KY)

"This is Julia, our very scared Lab girl. Once I gave her a blanket, she cuddled with it and settled down. The blankets help our pups and dogs so much. We take in a lot of sick pups and these blankets make a world of difference for each and every pup.

We can't thank you and the other ladies that make these blankets enough. Our dogs and pups, and also the cats, love them and cuddle with them. The blankets give them some security. Thank you so much for helping our pups and kittens feel better while they wait for a home to call their own."

Red Door shelter (IL)

"The kitties at Red Door were very happy to receive your package. Our staff immediately started handing out the blankets in all our cat rooms.

Here are our elder cats snuggling with their new blankets. Many thanks from all of us at Red Door, we truly appreciate your hard work to make homeless animals comfortable. Have a wonderful year!"

Almost Home (IL)

"We LOVE the blankets from Comfort for Critters. We use them up at our Luv-A-Pet Center at Petsmart. We want to make sure our cats are comfortable, and there is nothing better than something soft to curl up on. A little bit of home away from home.

We also use the blankets at our adoption shows. We put them in the crates with the cats. When a cat gets adopted, we send the blanket home with the adopter. This way, the cat has something that smells familiar in their new home. A security blanket!

The blankets make perfect cat carrier liners. Some of our fosters travel 30 minutes or more to come to the adoption shows. Our kitties travel in style!

Our foster homes love the blankets too. This picture was taken at a foster home. You can see how much they all love their blankets.

Thank you and everyone at Comfort for Critters. I bet you had no idea how many ways your beautiful blankets are being used, or how much comfort they give. We appreciate how much you care about homeless pets!"

Red River SPCA (TX)

"Your gift of blankets for our critters arrived safely! They will all enjoy their blankets. Attached is a picture of a couple of pups who've clearly given their paws of approval to one of your GREAT knitted blankets! With sincere appreciation I will share the blankets (except for the one that, as the picture proves, has already been claimed), with our other three foster homes."

red river spca (TX)


"The package of beautiful quilts plus toys arrived today. I HAD to send you these pics while they're 'hot off the press'! I acquired these four pups, plus their mama and daddy, via responding to an SOS. Both parents were dreadfully thin but friendly. All 6 tails wagged when I picked them up alongside a very remote road. Still underweight, the parents weighed a bit over 60 pounds each. We finally received rain, so you can imagine what those pups looked like, a couple hours ago! (Hint: they were NOT white). They seemed bored, so I tossed a couple of the blankets into the tub. Thank you so much!"