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baltimore Humane Society (ME)

"We just wanted to let you know we received the beautiful handmade blankets! As you can see in the attached photo, the beautiful Moette loves hanging out on her blanket. Thanks so much for all your organization does for shelter animals and thank you for thinking of us and providing these blankets."

project MEOW (pa)

THANK YOU! One of our fosters brought home one of your beautiful blankets to her senior foster cat, Frankie Hollywood. He's headed to his forever home this weekend, and we're so excited to send his blanket home with him. I also got a picture of him playing with one of the toy mice you gave us. Thanks!

Valley humane society (CA)

"Please let your volunteers, who make items for the adoptions, know that Charlotte (pictured) is enjoying her blanket!"

Red Door Animal Shelter (il)

"Piper thinks these colorful blankets from Comfort for Critters compliment her fur quite well. She would like to thank all of the people who worked hard to make all of these cozy blankets, she knows the rest of the shelter animals will love them as much as she does."

safe Haven dog rescue (il)


"Transport days are long days for the pups. They don't get water or fed in the morning as it's a long trip starting around 4:15am, way down south in Tennessee, and arriving up here about 11-12 hours later, depending on traffic and weather. Then there's the excitement of meeting their foster family, getting a bath and fed. By then they're pretty knocked out. Here's a photo of a couple of today's transports snoozing under their CFC snuggles. The folks at Safe Haven really love & appreciate the efforts of you and your volunteers!"

palm valley animal society

Meet Topher at PVAS, as he cuddles his CFC blanket!

"On behalf of the animals and the Palm Valley team, we would like to thank you and the Comfort for Critters volunteers for these cozy blankets! These blankets will keep our animals comfortable and warm in their new forever homes.

Your donation makes a huge impact and is greatly appreciated by our animals and everyone on the PVAS team."

Here's Tinkerbell at PVAS enjoying her CFC blanket too!

good mews (GA)

"This is a picture of Patriot enjoying one of your blankets! Thank you for the beautiful creations! Our kitties love them and our adopters enjoy being able to take the blanket home with their new kitty. As always, I thank you for thinking of us."

Critter Camp (IL)

"Thank you so much to Comfort for Critters for the great fleece bedding! Miss Bunny, the Fennec Fox, is enjoying her new blankie already!"

paws 4 life (CT)

"We LOVE all the blankets that you make for us! We use the blankets while the cats are in our care and then every cat that is adopted goes home with one. The adopters love them! Thank you for everything your organization does for shelter pets."

Chenango SPCA (NY)

"Dobby (pictured above) came to us as a stray. Turns out he was on the streets for a month after his human mom died. Human dad stopped in to visit and was shocked to see his cat. This large boy was a joy to us with a wonderful and feisty personality. Yesterday was his first day home in 5.5 months, and yes, his blanket went with him! 

good mews (GA)

"Cotton and his friends want to thank Comfort for Critters for making these gorgeous blankets for them! The blankets are sent home with the adopted kitties, so they have something to comfort them while they transition into their new home! Thank you for thinking of our cats and kittens!"

Cat Care Society (CO)

           "We just received a beautiful assortment of blankets from Peggy B. They have been approved by Nonie, chief blanket inspector at Cat Care Society. We adopt over 400 cats a year to their forever homes with their blankets. Thank you so much, it makes a huge impact on adopters to know that someone cares enough to make a difference in our cats' lives. Purrs!"

chenango spca (ny)

"We so appreciate what you and your volunteers do for so many animals. We tried something new when the box arrived. It didn't work out as I hoped, but it was a lot of fun. We thought we'd let the cats pick their own blanket!

They were like kids in a candy shop, rolling on them all, crawling underneath and a few took a nap! Thank you all for being who you are, the world is a better place because of you!"   

dupage county animal shelter (IL)



"I wanted to email to thank you for the BEAUTIFUL blankets from Comfort for Critters. Our animals are already enjoying them. Attached is a picture of one of our newest residents, Daisy. Daisy came in and hadn't been groomed in so many years that her fur wasn't even matted anymore, it was in locks that reached past the floor. The soft blanket provided by your organization helps her sensitive skin feel better! Also...I'm wondering where you purchased the yarn. All the women at the shelter are in LOVE with the colors! Thank you again!"

whiskers or wags (ky)


"Thank you so very much for the kitty blankets! They LOVE them! This is Sunshine! She has been at the shelter since September 11, 2017. She came in with two little, 6 week old kittens. They are all grown up now and she and her boys are still here. She has come a long way! She was very, very shy and her boys were wild little things. Now they all want attention and love. We have over 140 cats and kittens at the moment and are so very thankful for the blankets!"

furry friends animal rescue (tx)


"We would like to give a huge thank you to Comfort for Critters, for sending us toys and blankets for our foster cats and dogs! This photo shows one of our fosters' resident cats checking out the merchandise! As you can see, he gives them two paws up! The dogs love the toys and the kittens love these blankets, which we send home with them when they get adopted. Thank you, Comfort for Critters, for your kindness to rescue groups like ours!"

upper valley humane society (NH)




chenango SPca (NY)


"As you can see, our cats are enjoying their new blankets. They always seem to love these new blankets so much more than they do a towel or rug to sleep on. They start our slowly sniffing it and then climbing on it, and some like Bruce will wear it on his back. You and your volunteers are amazing for thinking of our animal's needs. Something like this goes a long way in their lives."

montrose animal services (co)

"Here are our pets, loving their blankets! Thank you for your generosity!!"

cat care society (co)

"Thank you so much for the beautiful blankets for our cats. My office cat 'Krista' (above) inspects them before they go to the shelter. Each cat adopted goes home with a blanket just for them! What a wonderful thing! Purrs!"

virginia beach SPCa (VA)

"I was out of the office for a few days and came back to such a wonderful surprise - a lovely box full of handcrafted blankets for our animals! Thank you so very much! I have given the blankets to our shelter staff and will send you some pictures of animals napping on them soon!"

Magnificent Mutts (Il)

"We would like to say a super huge 'THANK YOU' for all the amazing blankets that you all donated to us!! All of our kitties are now going home with a very special, handmade security blanket that will make the transition to their forever home much smoother! You are such a thoughtful, generous and creative group of people!!!"

Greater chicago ferret Association (Il)

"The GCFA would like to thank you for your generous donation of two full bags of homemade blankets, covers and cloth toys. We are extremely grateful for your generosity!"

kenosha forgotten friends (WI)

"Meowy thanks to Comfort for Critters for the beautiful mats for the kitties. They will especially be enjoyed on cold winter days! Our Phoenix (below, left), who had been doused in chemicals and is now recovering, chose her own color (the orange one!) and pulled it right out of the box and laid on it! Esa Mae (below, right) couldn't wait for them to be unpacked! She claimed the whole box!! Thank you Linda and Comfort for Critters for your kindness!"


Red River SPCA (TX)...

"These kittens were rescued separately (part of two litters) and bottle-fed. I put these two together for comfort...and added one of the CFC blankets. Then I placed the blue blanket on the floor to see what kind of reaction would occur. The PitBull (one of nine I'd rescued in response to the Sheriff's Department, when they were tiny puppies) pulled it under herself. The wolf (pure, not a hybrid, not adoptable) lay down next to the Pit for their mutual comfort routine. And my old Peke joined the group to reinforce the versatility and trust between these wonderful critters. Thank you for your great program! God bless you and your talented volunteers."


Kenosha Forgotten Friends (WI)...