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~ Celebrating 11 Years & 67,000+ Blankets ~

How to Make Blankets...


Knit or Crochet a Blanket

Knit or crochet a blanket using any pattern and any color of washable yarn. Feel free to mix and match colors, and even make up your own pattern! The finished blanket should be approximately 20 inches square. If it's not perfect (who is?) that's fine with us, and the critters!  If you'd like some ideal patterns for blankets, just check out our Free & Easy Patterns page.

While most of the blankets we make and send are this size, we do love and support larger dogs and other "critters". So do feel free to make them doggie-sized if you like, or larger to accommodate larger pets. We gladly take ANY size blanket and will find the perfect animal to cuddle it!

Make a Fleece Blanket

Use two pieces of fleece (so that it's nice and thick) - at least one piece should have a pattern, if possible. You can sew them together or cut and tie them. If they do have ties, please try to make the center (untied) portion of the blanket about 20-inches square.                                     Click Here for a Free Tied-Fleece Pattern             Click Here for a Free No-Tie Fleece Pattern

Where to bring or send blankets & materials...

smail or drop off blankets and donated materials to our headquarters:

You may mail or drop off all donations (blankets, shipping funds, yarn and fleece) at our home base in Glen Ellyn.

Comfort for Critters

3s139 Sequoia Drive - Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

If you are personally dropping something off, we have a large pick-up/drop-off bin (ie. bench with storage) to the left of the front door, for 24/7 access. Please leave your name and address on whatever you drop off, so that we can send a thank you note. If you are dropping off blankets, a donation to help us ship them out is appreciated, but not expectedThank you!


To mail or drop off blankets to a shelter in your state:

If you'd like to bring in your blankets directly to an animal shelter, simply choose one from our list of participating shelters (see our Shelters Supported page). Please use our "Drop off Memo" found on this page, so that they know the blankets are part of our program. This ensures the blanket will be sent home with the pet when they are adopted! Be sure to ask for a tax receipt, since many of the shelters can provide this!

We also ship blankets directly from CFC HQs, so please let me know when you bring in blankets to a shelter - I keep track of it all! Use the "I Made Blankets" form to the right, or send me an email at Thank  you!

Blanket Idea Starters...




Why we volunteer...


Volunteer Information...

Tools to help you help us!

Volunteer Packet

If you have questions, this has the answers. It's also a great tool to pass along to someone else who might be interested in volunteering.

Click for Drop-Off Memo

Use this when you bring in your blankets to area shelters! Don't forget to ask for a tax receipt (most shelters can give you this)!

Want more info?

Please email me:

i made blankets!

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