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How to Add a Drawing to Your Blankets

When you make a beautiful blanket for a pet in an animal shelter, waiting for their forever family, no bit of extra work goes unnoticed. The shelter workers love passing out the blankets to their waiting guests, the pets love the softness and comfort and the adoptive families are thrilled to hear their pet gets to take their blanket home!  So here’s one more way you can make your blankets extra special.

The next time you create a solid colored blanket, which is comprised of a close woven stitch, try adding an outlined drawing to personalize your creation. Best of all, it’s quite easy to do!

Adding a crocheted chain stitch:

  1. Choose a contrasting color and use straight pins to outline the drawing you’d like to create.
  2. Hold the yarn under the blanket and insert your (small sized) crochet hook through the top of the blanket and pull up a loop.
  3. Insert the hook into the background a short distance away, along the line created by your straight pins, and pull up a second loop, then pull the second loop through the first loop.
  4. Repeat step #3 all around your outline. Cut yarn and tie ending piece to the beginning piece and weave in both ends along your stitched outline.


The line on the backside of the piece is not quite as smooth (see picture below), but still looks pretty good. Have fun spelling out a word, creating a simple shape or something more elaborate!

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