Comfort for Critters

Helping our pets AND all those we can't adopt!

39,573 blankets!

That's how many FREE handmade blankets we have given to animal shelters as of

December 3rd, 2016!

(OVER 7,400 blankets shipped so far this year!)

4 Ways to Help Today!

#1 Make a blanket

If you know how to knit, crochet, sew, or just use scissors - why not start on a critter blanket today?

We have step by step directions and even free patterns!

They're fast to make, and lots of fun! Once you have a few done, you can send them to a participating shelter in your state (please let me know when you do), or to CFC headquarters in Glen Ellyn, IL for distribution to a shelter.

#2 Buy a blanket - Ship a box!

This is a great way for non-crafters to help!  Linda, CFC's founder, creates limited-edition blankets to be sold on Etsy, soley to support CFC and raise shipping funds.

Each blanket will include this card, indicating that a box of handmade blankets will be shipped to a shelter in need.

A beautiful blanket PLUS sponsoring a shipment, equals a meaningful gift for any pet lover!

Check out the current selection!

#3 Donate yarn or fleece

If you don't have the time or expertise, but do have some extra yarn (leftover from a project) or a full skein you've never gotten around to using, we can put it to good use!  Any amount, any color 4-ply yarn will be gratefully accepted.

We also gladly accept any leftover fleece material. We use larger pieces of fleece to make blankets, and smaller strips to make pull-toys for shelter dogs. We have a 24/7 drop-off bin in Glen Ellyn, IL to receive donations. Please see our volunteer resources page for more details.

#4 Sponsor a blanket shipment

We provide 600-800 blankets per month to animal shelters across the US. As we work with shelters farther away, it becomes more expensive to get the blankets to them. Shipping rates (not stamps) rose dramatically in early 2016, so sponsoring a blanket shipment is an easy way to help!

Any amount helps ... so please consider making a donation, with 100% going exclusively to ship blankets! Thank you!

Who we are...

Comfort for Critters is a volunteer program that creates free handmade blankets to comfort homeless pets living in animal shelters, humane societies and SPCA organizations.

While these pets await adoption, the blankets provide a comfortable bed year-round. When they are adopted, their blanket goes with them, providing something familiar as they adjust to their "forever family."

Why blankets?

An animal's life can be challenging when they find themselves in an animal shelter. Despite heroic efforts by the staff and volunteers, it's extremely stressful as they are moved from cage to cage, and subjected to new sights and sounds on a daily basis.

Having something to call their own, which provides warmth year-round (even against A/C in the summer!), familiar smells and a soft touch, can make all the difference.

Once the pet is adopted, their blanket provides a cushion against the (wonderful) stress of getting to know their new surroundings and family. Once again, their blanket provides something comforting and familiar.