Comfort for Critters

~ Celebrating 11 Years & 64,000+ Blankets ~

kenosha forgotten friends (WI)

"Meowy thanks to Comfort for Critters for the beautiful mats for the kitties. They will especially be enjoyed on cold winter days! Our Phoenix (below, left), who had been doused in chemicals and is now recovering, chose her own color (the orange one!) and pulled it right out of the box and laid on it! Esa Mae (below, right) couldn't wait for them to be unpacked! She claimed the whole box!! Thank you Linda and Comfort for Critters for your kindness!"


Red River SPCA (TX)...

"These kittens were rescued separately (part of two litters) and bottle-fed. I put these two together for comfort...and added one of the CFC blankets. Then I placed the blue blanket on the floor to see what kind of reaction would occur. The PitBull (one of nine I'd rescued in response to the Sheriff's Department, when they were tiny puppies) pulled it under herself. The wolf (pure, not a hybrid, not adoptable) lay down next to the Pit for their mutual comfort routine. And my old Peke joined the group to reinforce the versatility and trust between these wonderful critters. Thank you for your great program! God bless you and your talented volunteers."


Kenosha Forgotten Friends (WI)...

"I would like to say, on behalf of all our kitties, that not only are the mats beautiful, but they all love them! It really helps when we deliver the kitty to their new home that they get to take their favorite 'blankie' with their own smell on it. I think it helps the transition for them.

One of our kitties took his blanket with him, and I mean took it with him! In his new home he carried it from place to place wherever he wanted to lay. He carried it in his mouth and put it down to sleep! I wish I had a video of that one! Thank you so much for thinking of our organization and our animals!"

C&W Rustic Hollow Shelter (IA)...

"Buttercup is a 17 year old feline who loves sleeping and lounging on your soft blankets. She is a sweet girl who has litter aversion, but we love her anyway! Thank you for sharing with  C&W furs."

Dire Straits (IL)...

"My foster dog, Ward Witt, LOVES his blanket. Thank you for providing these blankets to rescues and shelters."

Adrianne's Angels / St. George Pet Rescue (IL)...

"Five kittens started their lives last night on some Comfort for Critters blankets. Thanks Linda and all your great volunteers!"

Town Cats (CA)

"If the cats could thank you, they surely would with a head butt and a purr. We deeply appreciate your time and talent. Your beautiful creations are in use at our adoption center in pet food stores, in foster homes and at the shelter itself. Thank you.

These orphaned cats get so many hand-me-downs and they don't mind, but it warms my heart to give them something bright, cozy, and new that is just for them - a new blanket of their very own. Thank you."

Home Alone Feline Rescue (VA)

"Thanks so much for the absolutely beautiful box of pet blankets. Here are a few pictures of my foster babies enjoying the blankets.

Each one will take one of them home when they go to their forever home. Your group is so kind to share these, and they are very appreciated!"

Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition (NY)

"This is one of our little kittens enjoying the comfort of one of your lovely blankets. They are so wonderful and we are grateful to your organization for providing them to us. Thank you!!"

Dire Straits (IL)

"We love your soft, warm blankets and use them all the time! This is 'Grandma Lucy' enjoying several of them!"

House Rabbit Society of Chicago (IL)

"Thanks so much for the blankets for our bunnies! Every bunny that goes to an adoptive home gets a package, with a blanket. Here's a picture of my English Angora foster rabbit, Willoughby, sleeping on his blankie."

Rescue Me (KY)...

"Little Sammy was very sick when we took him in. He loves his blanket and now that he is all well, he pulls his blanket around with his teeth everywhere he goes. We call him Linus.

Thank you so much for helping Sammy feel better."

Boone Area Humane Society (IA)

"This is our shelter mascot, Joe, who insists on trying out the blankets first! We just received another box full of your beautiful blankets, or as we call them 'snuggie', for our cats and dogs! We are so grateful! Thank you so much!

Our cats especially love them. When every cat or kitten gets adopted they get to take their special blanket home with them to adjust to their furrever home! Thanks again for all you do, it really makes a difference!"

Four Paws (IL)

"Here is a photo I hope you can use to send to your volunteers. This is Sean, one of two Siamese cats that were dumped on the side of the road in one carrier. Our rescues appreciate your volunteers' beautiful work.

Thank you for helping to make our rescues comfortable while they await their new home!"

C&W Rustic Hollow Shelter (IA)

"Oma is a semi-feral (wild) kitty who was rescued from a bad situation and had to have a total ear ablation as her one ear was totally closed (she had been shot by a BB gun). We really appreciate Comfort for Critters and all you do for felines to make them comfortable. We also use the blankets in our isolation cages when kitties are being medically treated or are sick. They are purrfect for the cages. Thank you for sharing with C&W furs."

Franklin County Humane Society (VT)

"We just received our blankets! Thank you so much. This picture shows Little Ben checking them out. Thanks again, they are much appreciated!"

Almost Home Foundation (IL)

"We got the nicest surprise when we went to Luv-A-Pet tonight...blankets for kitties!! Purrl made herself at home on the beautiful blue fleece blanket! I love seeing our rescued cats having the same type of comfort they would have in their own home.

Rescues stretch to provide the medical care, food and basic supplies for our pets. Each cat having a blanket of their own is not always in the budget. You can see from the photo how important it is to the pet. Thank you to you, and all the angels at CFC. Please keep up the good work!"

red river spca (TX)

"The package of beautiful quilts plus toys arrived today. I HAD to send you these pics while they're 'hot off the press'! I acquired these four pups, plus their mama and daddy, via responding to an SOS. Both parents were dreadfully thin but friendly. All 6 tails wagged when I picked them up alongside a very remote road. Still underweight, the parents weighed a bit over 60 pounds each. We finally received rain, so you can imagine what those pups looked like, a couple hours ago! (Hint: they were NOT white). They seemed bored, so I tossed a couple of the blankets into the tub. Thank you so much!"        


Rescue Me Shelter (KY)

"This is Holly, and Holly loves her blanket! She will not share it either - LOL! Thanks so much!"

Harmony House for Cats (IL)

"This photograph shows the kitty enjoying her blanket. They all love them! Thank you so much for all the hard work of your volunteers. Each one has such vibrant colors and craftmanship!"

Lynchburg Humane Society (VA)

"Thank you so much for the lovely, cozy blankets for the cats! We received them today, and they are fantastic! I've attached a few pictures of one of our current kittens eager to see what was in the box. This is such a wonderful gift for our center for pets. Thank you for all the time and care spent making these!"

Union County Animal Control (NC)

"Here's a picture of Union County Animal Control kittens luvin' their blankets from Comfort for Critters. You sent these last fall, and I had to share this pic with you. Thank you for all you do."

Rover Rescue (IL)

"Here is a picture of Shadow. She was the runt of a litter of 6 puppies and she couldn't even walk when we first got her. I think she hadn't had a chance to develop her muscles, but she was fine after a couple of days. She has hip problems from it already at 7 months, but is extremely happy and loves her soft blankie! Such a lucky doggy.

Thank you to whomever made these blankets. They are so comforting for all the fosters!!"

Homeward pet (WA)

"Here are pictures of our cats and kittens enjoying their new blankets at HPAC. Thank you for sharing these with the volunteers, and tell them how much we appreciate their generosity!"

kenosha forgotten friends (wi)

"We received the box of beautiful blankets yesterday. We decided that our little Phoenix, who is suffering from severe burns, got first pick at the softest one! Here she is on one of them (along with her Green Bay Packers shirt)! We have found these blankets are a huge help when the animal goes to their new home to take along their scent. Thank you so much for all the work that goes into making these babies comfortable!"

Rescue Me Shelter (KY)

"This is Julia, our very scared Lab girl. Once I gave her a blanket, she cuddled with it and settled down. The blankets help our pups and dogs so much. We take in a lot of sick pups and these blankets make a world of difference for each and every pup.

We can't thank you and the other ladies that make these blankets enough. Our dogs and pups, and also the cats, love them and cuddle with them. The blankets give them some security. Thank you so much for helping our pups and kittens feel better while they wait for a home to call their own."

Red Door shelter (IL)

"The kitties at Red Door were very happy to receive your package. Our staff immediately started handing out the blankets in all our cat rooms.

Here are our elder cats snuggling with their new blankets. Many thanks from all of us at Red Door, we truly appreciate your hard work to make homeless animals comfortable. Have a wonderful year!"

Red River SPCA (TX)

"Your gift of blankets for our critters arrived safely! They will all enjoy their blankets. Attached is a picture of a couple of pups who've clearly given their paws of approval to one of your GREAT knitted blankets! With sincere appreciation I will share the blankets (except for the one that, as the picture proves, has already been claimed), with our other three foster homes."

Almost Home (IL)

"We LOVE the blankets from Comfort for Critters. We use them up at our Luv-A-Pet Center at Petsmart. We want to make sure our cats are comfortable, and there is nothing better than something soft to curl up on. A little bit of home away from home.

We also use the blankets at our adoption shows. We put them in the crates with the cats. When a cat gets adopted, we send the blanket home with the adopter. This way, the cat has something that smells familiar in their new home. A security blanket!

The blankets make perfect cat carrier liners. Some of our fosters travel 30 minutes or more to come to the adoption shows. Our kitties travel in style!

Our foster homes love the blankets too. This picture was taken at a foster home. You can see how much they all love their blankets.

Thank you and everyone at Comfort for Critters. I bet you had no idea how many ways your beautiful blankets are being used, or how much comfort they give. We appreciate how much you care about homeless pets!"

Animal Care Services (TX)

"Here's ACS foster dog Ziggy snuggling up on his CFC blanket. He loves it - especially since he's quite uncomfortable now until his demox mange goes away. His soft CFC blanket feels good on his raw, itchy skin."

Magnificent Mutts (IL)

"I would love to let all of your hardworking volunteers know just how much they are appreciated and how far reaching their donations travel! Almost every animal that comes into rescue comes with just the fur on their back. Thank you SO much for all your hard work and the love that you put into each and every blanket you make!!

My fosters are mostly dachshunds and they love to burrow into blankets more than just about anything. Each one of them pretty much picks out which blanket is theirs and that's the one that goes home with them!! Doxies can never have enough blankets! Take care and God bless!"

C&W Rustic Hollow Shelter (IA)

"Ashley is a kitty with Hyperthyroidism and he likes his blanket in his cat bed! He is in a kennel for the moment, but will soon have a room of his own... with his own blankie!

We really appreciate CFC and all you do for felines to make them comfortable. We also use the blankets in our isolation cages when kitties are being medically treated or are sick. They are purrfect for the cages. Thank you for sharing with C&W furs."

Town Cats (CA)

"You are so wonderful! Thank you for the donation of beautiful, handmade blankets. We received these blankets, and as you can see in the photos of Cocoa and Noah, the kittens clearly love the blankets! They snuggle right in.

The blankets are so well-made and the colors are gorgeous. You make cute kittens look even cuter! Thank you for your kindness and generosity!"