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Great Knitting & Crochet Websites – Just in time for the holidays!

One of the great things about the Internet is the amount of free stuff which can be found. I especially like to hunt around for great craft patterns, since you can easily see the finished product, find clear and free patterns and even see an occasional YouTube video on how the item was specifically created. It’s a great way to learn something new!

Just in time for the holiday gifts you may be planning….I’ve found a handful of great sites to share. I specifically wanted sites that gave:

  • Patterns completely free of charge
  • Did not require the visitor to supply an email or any other information
  • Had lots of knitting or crochet patterns to choose from
  • Had patterns that were easy to print out

Knitting-only sites: - This is a great resource, especially if you are just starting out. It includes some video tutorials and some great knitting patterns. I also liked that they listed out knitting abbreviations which are commonly found in patterns. - This site has many free knitting patterns that looked fun and not terribly difficult. They also have a quarterly magazine, but it’s not free. I enjoyed their blog and the photographs as well!

Crochet-only sites: - All the free patterns at this site will have me coming back again and again. I also liked that the site was easy to navigate and that the patterns could be downloaded as PDFs. I have more than a few printed to test out this winter. - I loved that they had some classic, easy to follow, patterns. I wasn’t wild about all the ads that kept popping up though! If you can overlook those ads, there are many vintage patterns that are worth trying out.

Knitting & Crochet sites: - This site also has a ton of free patterns, which are easy to print out and keep. It’s also easy to send the patterns to a friend, if you wish. I love sharing! - This yarn company is glad to provide free and easy patterns which use their yarn! The patterns were nicely organized and super easy to print or share. If you liked this site and have a favorite yarn company, they will likely have a website stocked with freebies too.

I’m happy to share these sites, and hope you will return the favor. If you know of a great site that helps you develop your craft please share it in the comments. Thank you!

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