Comfort for Critters

Celebrating 14 years in business & 125,000+ FREE pet blankets donated to animal shelters!

since 2007 we have donated 126,051  blankets!

august blanket donations

1,856 Blankets

76 Shelters

22 States

  • We helped over a thousand pets in August by donating a total of 1,856 blankets!
  • 76 different shelters, in 22 states received our blankets, and most received a handful of toys as well!
  • These blessings were only possible, due to the 100+ volunteers and supporters who helped. Thank you!

New pattern for ridges of comfort!

I hope you enjoy this brand new crochet pattern. It creates little ridges that make the blanket nice and thick, and perfect for shelter pets. Switch up the colors, or create a solid-colored blanket. The pets will love it, either way!

Click here to download!

Thank you from stay-a-while!


     "Our kitties at Stay-A-While Cat Shelter love their comfort mats! They get so excited when new ones arrive and are placed in their beds!"

Stay-A-While Cat Shelter

- North Royalton, OH -

Shelter "thank you's" to you!

  • "Thanks so much for the beautiful blankets! I posted a picture with our Fennec Foxes online. We truly appreciate them!" ~ Critter Camp in German Valley, IL
  • "The box of blankets arrived yesterday, and they are gorgeous as usual. All of the cats love to curl up on them! Thank you - thank you!!"         ~ Humane Haven in Bolingbrook, IL
  • "Thank you for the blankets. We help several other shelters now, so our needs have grown. The blankets also help police officers and transports in the most rural areas of southern Illinois, most of which don't have any rescues, vets, or Animal Control officers. Your blankets are always so beautiful and appreciated."     ~ Union County Animal Control in Bumbcombe, IL

spread the word & join the fun!

If you'd like to keep up to date on our mission, follow us on Facebook! We also have a Facebook Group, "The Comfort for Critters Team", where we share what we're working on, pet and craft humor, and tip & tricks for making beautiful blankets. It's a private group that stays 100% positive, 100% of the time! Please consider joining us!

September 2021 ~ Critter News

happy labor day!

As Autumn approaches it's the perfect time to stock up on yarn and help the shelters stock up on blankets. If you're near our home base (Glen Ellyn, IL) you can stop by 24/7 for a free bag (or two, or three) of yarn. Just email me for the address! As the weather cools, you'll want to have plenty of supplies for crafting. The blankets will be in high demand this winter, I know!

To help stock up all the shelters on our list, I'm focusing on shipping out whatever blankets I receive, to out-of-state shelters. This means that the many shelters in the Chicagoland area are not be getting as many blankets from me, as they usually do. So all local volunteers are encouraged to find a shelter near them, and support them directly. Together, we'll be able to help everyone!

Speaking of everyone, as of this month we've donated to over 300 different shelters across the US. That's phenomenal! In total, we've comforted over 15,000 pets, and the year is far from over. Thank you to everyone who helps in any way. Together we are comforting many, and making a difference in the lives of homeless pets.

Happy Autumn!   Linda

Pets you are helping!

Shelters we supported in august

Adams County Humane SocietyFriendshipWI
Adoption First Animal RescueJacksonville NC
All About the Cats RescueLake WorthFL
Allegany SPCAWellsvilleNY
Animal Friends of the ValleyWildomarCA
Animal Rescue FoundationLisleIL
Animal Rescue of TracyTracyCA
Asheville Humane SocietyAshevilleNC
Assisi Animal FoundationCrystal LakeIL
Austin Humane SocietyAustinTX
Berkeley County Humane SocietyMartinsburgWV
Berkeley HumaneBerkeleyCA
Blue Earth Nicollet County Humane SocietyMankatoMN
Bowling Green/Warren Cty Humane SocietyBowling GreenKY
Buffalo Animal ShelterBuffaloNY
Chenango SPCANorwichNY
City of Humble Animal ShelterHumbleTX
Columbia County Humane SocietyPortageWI
Cumberland Valley Animal ShelterChambersburgPA
Dane County Humane SocietyMadisonWI
DeKalb County Animal ServicesChambleeGA
Dorothy O'Connor Pet Adoption CenterVictoriaTX
Douglas County Animal ServicesDouglasvilleGA
Dumb Friends LeagueDenverCO
EARS/Englewood Animal Rescue SanctuaryEnglewoodFL
Feline Finish Line RescueBethlehemPA
Frankie's Friends Cat RescueNew KensingtonPA
Friends for Life Animal RescueGilbertAZ
Furrever Friends RescueCarol StreamIL
Gatos and Beans Cat CaféOdenvilleAL
Give Me Shelter Cat RescueSan FranciscoCA
Golden Retriever Rescue of the RockiesArvadaCO 
Granite State Dog RecoveryHooksettNH
Greenhill Humane SocietyEugeneOR
Gwinnett Animal ShelterLawrencevilleGA
HALO RescueSebastianFL
Harley's DreamBerthoudCO
Headwaters Animal ShelterPark RapidsMN
Hillside SPCAPottsvillePA
Hinsdale Humane SocietyHinsdaleIL
Hopeful Tails Animal ShelterJolietIL
Hudson Valley Animal Rescue & SanctuaryArlingtonNY
Humane Society of Central IllinoisNormalIL
Humane Society of Polk CountyCrookstonMN
Humane Society of South BrevardMelbourneFL
Kane County Animal ShelterGenevaIL
Kent Animal ShelterCalvertonNY
LaPorte County Animal ShelterLaPorteIN
Main Line Animal RescueChester SpringsPA
Montgomery County SPCAConshohockenPA
Naperville Area Humane SocietyNapervilleIL
North Shore Animal League AmericaPort WashingtonNY
Operation KindnessCarrolltonTX
PAWS - Pet Animal Welfare SocietyNorwalkCT
Paws 4 LifeBoltonCT
Pulaski County Humane SocietySomersetKY
Purrfect Cat RescueCrystal LakeIL
Safe Haven Dog RescueWheatonIL
Salem Animal Rescue LeagueSalemNH
Satchel's Last ResortSarasotaFL
Save Our Strays, Inc.LargoFL
Second Hand PurrsFranklin WI
Spartanburg Humane SocietySpartanburgSC
Spay & StayVernon HillsIL
St. Francis Society Animal RescueTampaFL
St. Joseph Bay Humane SocietyPort St. JoeFL
St. Sophia's Forgotten FelinesWheatonIL
Stray Rescue of St. LouisSt. LouisMO
Tails Humane SocietyDeKalbIL
Tallahassee-Leon Cty Animal Service CenterTallahasseeFL
Two by Two RescueHelenaAL
Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter GwinnMI
Western Illinois Animal RescueMonmouthIL
Wisconsin Humane Society- Door Cty CampusSturgeon BayWI



Your Beautiful Creations!

Why we help shelter pets....

Check out some of the amazing comments I receive. I just adore hearing why people love making blankets and comforting pets! 

  • "My cat, Olive, passed away 2 years ago and I miss her dearly. As I crochet my blankets for kitties, I think of her and set my heart-felt intentions on all the new cats that need homes. I hope these blankets give them comfort as they wait to connect with their forever home. Making these blankets helps with my depression as well. I feel good, thinking of Olive as I crochet each blanket with love."    ~ Susie K. of Downers Grove, IL 
  • "The past few months, after seeing how the blankets have positively affected my friend in her battle with cancer, and how mutual friends stepped up to bat and helped make more blankets, have really taught me how this endeavor can help humans, as well as the animals who receive the blankets. I like to imagine someone adopting their new furry friend, bringing it home, perhaps holding the pet on a lap with their blanket, and thinking, 'Someone made that special, it didn't come from any store. This pet is special, too!'" ~ Lynn H. of Hallsville, MO

  • "I try to find a use for everything and was happy to find that pet shelters were a good place. I used scrap pieces of fleece sewn together to make rainbow colored blankets. Since we can't have a pet in our home, we get our 'animal fix' visiting the dogs and cats when dropping off blankets!" ~ Diane Z. of Chicago, IL

  • "I'm not able to provide every homeless cat and dog with a loving home, but at least I can make them comfy blankets, full of love, so they feel safe and at ease. I think they will help the pets feel happy and safe while they are in the shelters! I also found a new hobby to do during this difficult year. Knitting helped me stay busy and do something productive while staying at home." ~ Jazmin A. of Cucamonga, CA

E-books help you make blankets ... & help us ship free blankets!


Please support our mission to help homeless pets with a purchase of our "Crochet for Critters" e-book (crochet patterns) or a handmade blanket for your own pet!

Click here for details!

Homeless pets on cfc blankets!

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Thank you from saving cats & kittens!

"Saving Cats & Kittens really appreciates the box of lovely & soft sewn and crocheted blankets from CFC! The cats have soft beds and lounging areas in the play room. Caviar (shown below) approves of the blankie that matches his carrot squeaky toy! Thank you ladies!"

Saving Cats & Kittens in Michigan 

- Westland, MI -

Once you make blankets:

  • Local volunteers are welcome to drop off their blankets to a shelter near them or to CFC's headquarters in Glen Ellyn, IL. Please leave your name and email on whatever you drop off, so that I can send a thank you note.
  • If you're outside our area, please check our "Animal Shelters We Support" page to find a shelter in your state. Then ship your blankets directly to the shelter or drop them off outside their front door. PLEASE let me know how many you donated via email or by using our website form. If you'd like help, signing up a local shelter, please email me! 

Please be patient:

  • Keep in mind that CFC is a small organization, with exactly one staff member! I do reply to every email, but it may take me a few days. Thanks!

A message from Safe Haven Dog Rescue

I'm happy to be able to share an email I received this summer from one of the shelters we support, Safe Haven Dog Rescue. They joined our program last year, and my contact Michael, lives nearby, so I am able to donate blankets directly to him. He wrote to tell me about a very special dog, named Veronica, and it was a wonderful reminder of how important it is that we help these smaller, foster-care and rescue groups, in addition to the larger municipal shelters.

Michael wrote, "Veronica is nothing special of a dog and yet she is special to us. She came north to us a couple weeks ago. She is over 9 years old and was unceremoniously dumped at the shelter by her 'family'. She had lots of injuries, could barely walk due to issues with a hind leg. She had sores and bruises and trouble breathing." Michael explained that they rescued her from a well-meaning shelter, in rural Tennessee, which did not have the staff or funding they needed. Veronica did not have long to live at that shelter.

Michael continued, "Most rescues wouldn't bring Veronica up. Nobody is going to adopt an old nondescript mutt of a dog that is terminally ill. It appeared Veronica had spent her life chained up outside, and yet she was an incredibly sweet dog that probably dearly loved her 'family'. And this is why I foster for Safe Haven. We did not hesitate for a moment to pull Veronica up here. She was treated for her bad leg, her worms and bruises. The vets determined the masses were from acute leukemia and it's too far along to do anything other than make her comfortable. We knew we would never be able to adopt out Veronica and that it would cost a lot to treat her, but after a lifetime of being a faithful companion to someone, she needed to go in dignity and in a house with a loving family."

I was also thrilled to learn from Michael that she has responded well to treatment and is loving her life inside, with her foster family which went on to officially adopt her! Other foster families donated funds to buy Veronica an especially nice bed and some other needed items. Given the short time she has left, her family is routinely feeding Veronica her favorite meal - cheeseburgers! "We don't know if she will be with us a month, or three, but she will go with dignity and peace, and not alone when the time comes," he says. He ended the email with something especially important. According to Michael, "Rescue isn't always about adoption - sometimes it's about the rescued."

I feel so lucky that CFC is in a position to comfort those little lives that are rescued and safely living in foster-homes, as well as the ones that find their forever homes. In conclusion, Michael sent a message to all CFC volunteers and supporters, "Thank you for helping us to help the Veronica's of the world." 

Sure signs your kitty loves you!

People who describe cats as aloof, have obviously never lived with one! Those of us who share our homes, and hearts, with our feline companions know just how affectionate and sensitive they can be. If you ever wonder though, just check out these sure-fire ways to know just how much your kitty loves you!

1 – The slow blink – Think of this as a kitty’s kiss. They lock eyes with you and slowwwwly blink. Cats typically won’t give strangers more than a casual glance, so you know they’re saving this wonderful trait for the people they love. 

2 – The power of the purr – Is there anything more relaxing than the sound of a purring cat? The slow, rhythmic sound is used by your kitty for many reasons. Cat’s purr when they’re nursing kittens, to self-soothe and when they’re ill. However, they also use it to express emotions….a soft “I love you” that only a feline can provide.

3 – Head-butts – When your cat lightly touches their forehead to you, it’s surely a sign of affection. Some research even shows that this simple act releases endorphins in you and in your kitty!

4 – Marking you – As we all know, cats love to “mark” their surroundings, by rubbing their head on a variety of things, including the people they are attached to. They are claiming these things as their own, so consider it a compliment!

5 – The tail tells all – Dogs are known for their wagging tails, but a cat’s tail also reveals a lot about their attitude. If your cat comes to you with a tail up in the air, twitching a bit, she’s saying wonderful things about your relationship.

6 – Kneading – Kneading is first and foremost a sign of affection. When your cat jumps into your lap and begins to “knead” you, consider it high praise. She’s remembering back to when she was a newborn kitten, nursing from her mother. You are now receiving the same affection she bestowed on her “other” mom.

7 – Grooming – You have likely seen cats grooming each other, which is a sure sign of closeness. When they groom you, though maybe unnecessary, it’s the same thing! Grooming is a sign of friendship too, so they’re expressing a desire to be your friend.

8 – “Presents” – What’s worse than finding a dead mouse on your doorstep? Finding half a dead mouse! However, this may not be true if you have a cat. If your cat hunts outside, or even within your own home, they are sharing their success with you by sharing their “prize”. They consider this their gift to you!

9 – Tummy time – A major component of love is trust, and your kitty has a clear way to show exactly who they trust. If your cat lays on their back, exposing their vulnerable tummy, they trusts you 100%. They would never risk letting their guard down to this extent, except around someone they truly love.

10 – Simply being there -  Sure, cats love a warm place to lay, but cuddling on your lap is so much more. Your cat is choosing you over her cat bed, spot of sunshine or heat vent! You should also take it as an “I love you” when they greet you at the door or are constantly underfoot while you’re trying to accomplish something. They just like hanging around their favorite person!

While we may not want to mirror back some of these behaviors, it’s nice to be able to read their signals and know just how much we mean to them!

Direct Shipping Benefits Everyone!

We are now donating 1,500-2,000 blankets regularly every month, which is awesome! It's also A LOT of blankets to filter in and out of my house every month

With this in mind, we're asking all out-of-state volunteers to please donate your blankets directly to a shelter right in your own state!

I can help you find a shelter near you, and will do all the work getting them signed up. If you choose a shelter from our website list, I can promise you that in-state shipping will be less costly than sending them to me. I do ask though that you let me that I can update my records!

Benefits of donating your blankets locally:

  • Cheaper than shipping them to Illinois (if you're out of state)!
  • You can email them for a tax receipt and possibly write off the donation (please check with your tax professional).​​
  • You'll also get to hear just how much the shelter staff appreciates the blankets. Thank you!!!

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Our Mission

To comfort all the animal shelter pets we can't adopt, and to be a blessing in the lives of every volunteer, supporter & shelter worker.