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october 2019 CRITTER NEWS!

We are experiencing much cooler weather now in the midwest, making it an awesome time to pick up the crochet hook, knitting needles or fleece and craft some snugly blankets! 

If you're in the area of Glen Ellyn, IL (CFC's home base), please feel free to stop by for free yarn (I have bags out front at all times) or fleece. I don't always have fleece available, but I do now. Just give me a couple days to prep it for you!

We're also planning our first "Meetup" near our headquarters in October. The meetups are in public places (Panera for the first meeting), once a month, for a couple hours. I'll bring supplies and yarn to share and we'll create blankets (IF you want) or just relax and get to know each other. I've been "email friends" with so many of the volunteers for years, that I'm truly excited to get to meet people in person! We already have over 40 participants in our meetup group and 20 scheduled to attend our first event on Tuesday, October 15th at 7p. You can find out more about it here! Everyone is invited, whether you help us with blankets, deliveries, bought t-shirt to help with shipping, or just want to learn more about our mission. It's an open group, so people outside of CFC may also attend, and we'll likely get a few more local volunteers!

I'm still working on my first e-book of "perfect patterns for pets". I hope to have it done before year-end, so I'll keep you posted as it nears completion. Thank you to everyone that helps us, helps pets or helps others in any way. The world will never have too many people doing that!

Happy Autumn!  Linda

Your Beautiful Creations!

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Shelters Who Received Our Blankets in September

ADOPT - Naperville, IL

A Forever Home - Tavares, FL

Agape Fosters - Reinbeck, IA

Aiken County Animal Shelter - Aiken, SC

Almost Home - Elk Grove Village, IL

Alton Area Animal Aid Association - Godfrey, IL

Angela's Angels Kitty Rescue - Ironton, OH

Animal House Shelter - Huntley, IL

A Place for Grace - St. Albans, VT

Animal Care Services - San Antonio, TX

Animal Protective Association of Missouri - St. Louis, MO

Animal Rescue Foundation / IL - Lisle, IL

Animal Welfare League - Chicago Ridge, IL

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue - Asheville, NC

Camo Rescue - Cypress, TX

Cat Crew Rescue - Oradell, NJ

Catman2 - Cullowhee, NC

Catnap from the Heart - LaGrange Park, IL

Cat Rescue of Marlborough & Hudson - Hudson, MA

Chenango SPCA - Norwich, NY

Chicago Animal Care & Control - Chicago, IL

Colonial Capital Humane Society - New Bern, NC

Dakin Humane Society - Leverett, MA

Dakota's Dream Animal Rescue - Winchester, VA

Dane County Humane Society - Madison, WI

Dumb Friends League - Denver, CO

DuPage County Animal Shelter - Wheaton, IL

East Providence SPCA - East Providence, RI

Faithful Friends - Salisbury, NC

Glynn County Animal Control - Brunswick, GA

Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies - Arvada, CO

Good Mews - Marietta, GA

Greenville County Animal Shelter - Greenville, SC

HALO Rescue - Sebastian, FL

Hawaiian Humane Society - Honolulu, HI

Headwaters Animal Shelter - Park Rapids, MN

Hinsdale Humane Society - Hinsdale, IL

Hopeful Tails - Joliet, IL

House Rabbit Society of Chicago - Westchester, IL

Humane Society of Marathon County - Wausau, WI

Humane Society of Polk County - Crookston, MN

Humane Society of Port Jervis & Deerpark - Port Jervis, NY

Intermountain Humane Society - Pine, CO

Kendall County Animal Shelter - Yorkville, IL

Last Hope - Farmington, MN

Monroe County Animal Shelter - Madisonville, TN

Naperville Area Humane Society - Naperville, IL

North Shore Animal League America - Port Washington, NY

Operation Kindness - Carrollton, TX

PAWS - Norwalk, CT

PAWS Chicago - Chicago, IL

Paws & Whiskers Cat Shelter - Toledo, OH

Paws 4 Life Animal Rescue - Bolton, CT

Pennsylvania SPCA - Philadelphia, PA

Pulaski County Humane Society - Somerset, KY

Royce's Rescues - Richboro, PA

Sandra Sue Benson Animal Adoption Center - Aransas Pass, TX

Sylacauga Animal Shelter - Sylacauga, AL

Vincennes Animal Shelter - Vincennes, IN

Wabash County Animal Shelter - Mt. Carmel, IL

Wadena County Humane Society - Wadena, MN

Western Illinois Animal Rescue - Monmouth, IL

Wisconsin Humane Society / Door County Campus - Sturgeon Bay, WI

Wisconsin Humane Society / Green Bay Campus     - Green Bay, WI

Wise County Animal Shelter - Decatur, TX

Wyandote County Humane Society - Upper Sandusky, OH

 For a complete list of shelters we support ... CLICK HERE!

Pets you are helping!


Cats Need & Knead Blankets

Many of our volunteers picture cats and kittens kneading their creations, as the make each blanket. I’ve often seen my own kitties kneading away on their blankies, until they snuggle down. So why do they knead the blankets anyway? It’s been a long-held misconception that a cat’s kneading is the result of being weaned too early, or too late. This thankfully, is not true.

The motion the cat is creating when kneading, is exactly what they did as a nursing kitten, massaging their mother’s belly to keep the milk flowing. A happy kitty is one that continues to knead soft surfaces as a comforting behavior they learned early on.

A mother cat is also known to knead the sleeping area for her kittens to make it more comfortable. So the kittens learn that kneading the bedding is a great way to make a bed more comfortable. So all in all, kneading is associated with happy memories for a kitty.

So if you are being “kneaded” by a cat, consider yourself lucky. If you find your cat kneading their blanket, you’ll know they are happy and comfortable indeed!

Shelter Thank You's...

"Your blankets are used for a multitude of reasons from going home with newborn kittens in foster, to comfort an animal after surgery. We truly appreciate all your donations sent our way, including blankets, so thank you for thinking of our shelter." ~ Brampton Animal Services

"The blankets are beautiful -- every one of them!!! Our cats love them -- and they dress up our cages beautifully!! Thank you for continuing to supply us with these blankets!" ~ Humane Haven Animal Shelter  

"Thank you so much for the wonderful blankets. We use them on a daily basis and they are sent with the animals as they go to their forever homes. We try to send thank you notes, but our staff are part-time college students and our management are all volunteers. Whether we say it or not, you are a blessing to us and we remember you every time we see your blankets. God bless you and keep you!" ~ Humane Society of Polk County

"Thank you for the blankets! We appreciate them very much and they go home with our adopters when they take home a cat. Thank you again!~ Mary's Kitty Korner

"We received your blankets and they are really, really nice. Thank you and your network of volunteers. These blankets are very much appreciated!" ~ St. Johns County Pet Center

"Going Home" pictures from A Forever Home in Tavares, FL


What CFC Volunteers Have to Say....

Thank you for all the wonderful comments you leave on the website. I'm thrilled to be able to share them with your fellow volunteers!

  • "We understand the trauma of being taking off the streets and waiting in a shelter or rescue and we provide blankets to offer them some warmth, comfort and love while they wait for their forever home. We love to crochet, we love animals and being able to crochet for a cause is wonderful. It's a win-win situation when we are able to give back to our community and animals that give us so much unconditional love." ~ h-Ohm Healing Ministries in Winchester, NH  
  • "I make blankets to honor my dog Lily and cat Lydia, both of whom had cancer and passed away in 2018. I hope the blankets help the animals feel comforted during their time in the shelter, and as they transition to their forever homes. Last year I donated 50 blankets, and this year my goal is to donate 60!" ~ Jamie L. in Madison, WI
  • "I have always had a lot of compassion for animals, and I wanted to do more than just donate to, or volunteer at, shelters. I believe these blankets truly help to comfort the animals, and I feel like they are a more personal sentiment to the animals. Shelters can be scary, and so can change. I think these blankets will help tremendously with transitioning the critters from shelter to forever home. I love what you are doing and you are an inspiration to all. I think that you have transformed the typical donations to shelters into a truly meaningful thing for the animals!"  ~ Allison W. in Westford, MA

  • "I am so glad I found this organization! Thanks to everyone at CFC headquarters and all the volunteers. We're giving a lot of animals something nice to take home with them. It's great to be a part of this!" ~ Lisa C. in Morton Grove, IL
  • "The shelter was so delighted to get the blankets yesterday. I will gladly drive 100 miles round trip just to see the appreciation from the staff in Sarasota. They were in need of these blankets and assured me that they will be used immediately. I am starting the next batch for their cats!" ~ Susan M. in North Fort Myers, FL 
  • "I have always had animals in my life. To me, a cat or dog is part of the family and they need any kind of comfort we can offer them. Our dogs each have their own blanket and love to snuggle down in bed with it on cold nights or even when the air-conditioning is on. The shelter blankets will keep the cats/dogs cozy and warm while they are waiting for a forever home. I donate to one of our local shelters and they do an excellent job of placing animals and are a great service to our community." ~ Kathy S. in Gladstone, MO

Direct Shipping Benefits Everyone!

We are now donating over 1,000 blankets regularly every month, which is awesome! It's also A LOT of blankets to filter in and out of my modest home every month (not to mention all the fleece and yarn donations that go in, and back out!).

With this in mind, please consider donating your blankets directly to a shelter near you. This is especially helpful if you're out of state. Often I receive a box of blankets (with $25 of postage on it!) and I need to turn around and ship it back out (for another $25!), sometimes to the same state it came from!

I can help you find a shelter near you, and will do all the work getting them signed up. If you choose a shelter from our website list, I can promise you that in-state shipping will be less costly than sending them to me!

Benefits of donating your blankets locally:

  • Cheaper than shipping them to Illinois (if you're out of state)!
  • You can ask for a tax receipt and possibly write off the donation (please check with your tax professional).
  • If you personally drop them off, you get to see all those little faces saying "thank you!"
  • You'll also get to see how much the shelter staff appreciates the blankets!

If this doesn't work for you PLEASE continue to send me your blankets, and I will happily ship them out!  Thank you!


Support Our Mission!

We rely on the generosity of animal lovers to keep us going and keep us shipping! We donate 1,000 - 2,000 FREE blankets to animal shelters each month!

All our merchandise is personally made, or designed, by Linda, CFC's founder. She offers a handful of blankets for purchase and has designed some one-of-a-kind t-shirts for crafting and pet lovers!       

Click here to check them out!

Together we have donated 84,906 blankets

September Blankets

1,443 Blankets

66 Shelters

25 States

  • We comforted over one thousand pets last month by donating 1,443 blankets!
  • 66 different shelters, in 25 states received our blankets and many received a handful of toys as well.
  • These blessings were only possible because of all the wonderful volunteers who helped last month. Thank you!

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thank you from Tails adoptions

"We love your blankets and so do our cats. This is our gorgeous Casper, hanging out in the outdoor enclosure sitting on her comfy blanket. Thank you so much for everything you do in making the life of a shelter pet that much brighter.

~ Tails Adoptions in Delta, Colorado

foster care heroes!

Comfort for Critters loves to support any group that is working to improve the lives of companion animals. Often these are animal shelters, but sometimes they are not “shelters” at all, but simply a group of private homes, which together create a foster-care system.

These typically start with a realization, by some caring person, of what breaks their heart. They then take the important, the scary, the often-overlooked next step, of doing something about it.

Read more in Linda's Blog here


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New Tool for Your Yarn!

Dorothy, one of our awesome volunteers, was nice enough to shared this idea with us. It's a great tool to use for those partial skeins that tend to get unruly!

You just need to start with some extra yarn and a tube that’s about 6” long and 1” (or so) in diameter.  Read more here!

A few friendly reminders...

Once you have some blankets made, please check our "Animal Shelters We Support" page to find a shelter near you (or at least one in your state). Feel free to ship your blankets directly to them, or drop them off. The shelters do not notify me when they receive blankets, so please let me know via our website form or in an email. 

Don’t forget to leave your name and address on the blankets or materials you drop-off at CFC headquarters in Glen Ellyn, IL so that I can send a thank you note!

Remember that we are all juggling CFC, jobs, pets and kids! We do reply to every inquiry, but it may take a few days. Thanks for your patience!


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Linda Kastiel Kozlowski, Founder