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Ferrets Love Toys - You'll Love Making Them!

Ferrets are wonderful pets and from what I hear, they are addicting. Start with one or two and you’re sure to adopt more! One of the reasons for this is their extreme playfulness. Few things in life are more fun than watching a group of ferrets romp around together, chasing each other and their human companions.

Ferrets are not picky about what they use as toys either. They tend to have “sticky fingers”, meaning they like to steal, and then hide away, possessions of their human companions. Leave a set of car keys within reach, or take off your socks near them, and you’ll liable to be searching the house for these items later.

Creating toys for ferrets is quite fun, since they are so playful. As you’ll see, common household objects will do just fine! Here are seven ideas for creative toys to make for your pet ferret!

Dig-box - Find a sturdy box and fill it with dried leaves, rice, oatmeal or something similar. Hide a treat in the mix and watch your ferret dig around to find it. Ferrets love digging!

Stinky shoes – For some reason ferrets love shoes, and the stinkier the better. They will try to hide in them, stash their treats inside and even pull them around. So an old, broken down pair of shoes (even with holes) would be the perfect gift for them!

Hamper dump – We’re not suggesting you let them play in your actual clothing, but if you have old shirts, towels or sheets, they’d love to play in them. Just lay them gently on top of your ferret and watch them tunnel through. Or “accidentally” leave it where they can get it, and let them steal it and stash it away!

Smallish balls – Golf balls, wiffle balls and ping pong balls are perfect playthings for ferrets (but nothing smaller in size). Put a few in a box to be batted around, tuck some in socks for a softer toy or just let them roll around loose wherever your ferret plays.

Socks! – Socks seem to be a favorite with almost all ferrets! Find some old socks and roll them up as you would if you’re matching them for your drawer. For added fun, tuck a treat in the middle or smallish toy (but not too small). They will love this homemade toy!

Amazing mazes – Create a maze for your playful ferrets using old boxes linked together, wide PVC tubing, dryer vents, or similar items. Be creative!

Tupperware fun – As a special surprise, hide a treat in an old piece of Tupperware. They will love the sound of it clinking around and they’ll know there’s a treat inside too. Once they’ve had their fun, let them have their feast!

A few cautions too – A good guideline, when making or purchasing toys for ferrets is to not give them anything you wouldn’t give a child younger than three years old. You should also avoid any metal in the toy as many metals (brass, lead, zinc, etc.) are deadly to ferrets. Finally, don’t give them cat toys (especially if they contain catnip) or toys meant for small dogs. With those things in mind, be creative and explore your home to come up with other ideas for toys. Your “exploring” ferret will certainly understand, and thank you!

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