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10 Ways to Make Your Pet's Life Better!

Pet parents are always looking for fun new ways to make their pet’s life just a bit better. A great place to start is by adopting rather than shopping! Shelters are filled with adorable and sweet pets, just looking for a family to love, who will love them back. Maybe a companion for your pet would be “just the thing”? If expanding your family is not possible now, we have many more ideas.

At Comfort for Critters, we make it our mission to help our pets lead their best life, as well as help all those we (unfortunately) can’t adopt. Of course comfy blankets are a must for every pet, but here are a few more ideas to explore.

Boost Kitty's Playtime!

It’s easy to put together a fun playdate with your kitten or grown cat. Many common household items can be used, since the most important ingredient is you! Check out these ideas which will have you two (or more?) playing in no time. Your feline pal will enjoy many benefits from the mental stimulation and physical activity! Great Games to Enhance Kitty’s Playtime

Take Some Great Pictures!

This is a way to get some wonderful, posed pictures of your little one, and fight “Black Pet Syndrome” at the same time! Pets end up in our photo albums, but sometimes they’re just in the background. By setting aside time and arming yourself with a few toys and treats, you can really end up with some “keepers”, worthy of framing! Photographic Black Pets in Their Best Light

New Dog Toys!

Think about all those toys you’ve bought for your pup over the years. Many of them are probably under the couch or in the far back corner of the closet. Wouldn’t it be great to bring them back to life, and see your dog have a wonderful playtime with them? It’s not as hard as it may seem! Make Your Dog’s Toys – New Again!

Keeping Them Fit!

Once you get games going with the kitty, and your dog is enjoying all their “new” toys, you’re halfway there to keeping them fit. This may translate to a longer life for them and a fun activity for you. Check out more of our tips to keep our pets active! Top Tips to Keep Your Pets Fit!

Recognizing Pain in Cats

Another way to make sure your pet’s life is a happy one, is to really be “in tune” with how they are physically feeling. This is especially important as they get older. Knowing when your pet is in pain can be quite difficult, especially with often-stoic cats. Usually though, there are some signs. If you know what to look for, you can be armed with the information you need to help them lead the best life possible. How to Know When Your Cat is in Pain

Finding the Best Dog Food

It’s always amazing to see the difference great food can make in a pet’s health, activity level and life. It’s not always easy though to make the right choice! By following a few guidelines, you can find the best brand of food for your pet, and your budget. Think “Two by Two” when Choosing the Best Dog Food

Watch for Toxins!

Dangerous toxins can turn up in many unexpected places.  To keep your pet as safe as possible, become familiar with what the Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) considers to be the most common poisons found in most homes, and which are the most dangerous particularly for pets. Protect Your Pet from These Common Toxins

Identifying Feline Depression

Having a close relationship with your kitty is key to helping them improve this area of their life. Learning some expert strategies just may help avoid depression in your feline companions. If you think your kitty is dealing with depression, there are many treatment options, which offer tremendous hope. Recognizing & Treating Feline Depression

Exercises Your Dog Will Love

We all know that a bored dog, is an invitation for trouble! Keeping your pup mentally and physically fit needs just a bit of planning, a bit of time and a bit of creativity. You’ll find the time spent to be well worth it, and you may even have a blast yourself! Mental & Physical Exercises to Help Your Dog

Help, My Pet is Lost!

The time to devise a game plan to find a lost pet is now, not when you’ve realized they’ve slipped out of the yard! There are a handful of tried-and-true techniques that can save you time, save you stress and help find your wandering pet! Five Things to do Right Away When your Pet is Lost!

A caring pet-parent will find an array of other ideas scattered throughout the Comfort for Critters website. For instance, why not make a blanket, a toy or a treat for all the wonderful pets you share your life with? Making their life better may just make your life better too!

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