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Making Blankets Makes a Great Group Project

What do prison inmates, middle schoolers, retirement home residents and church groups all have in common?  They’ve all made blankets to help homeless pets. One of the many wonderful things about making Comfort for Critters blankets is that it’s something that can be shared with the people in your life. Wherever that life may take you!

You may know individuals that can’t make blankets as an ongoing activity, but would love to join in a group project. Are you in a group that could use a fun and easy volunteer project?  If so, making “tied-fleece” blankets is the perfect way for your group to help. Young children can create these on their own, and the non-crafters among us will enjoy it as well.

Your four quick steps -

Step 1 – Buy the fleece material and cut it to be about 24-inches square. You’ll need two pieces to make one blanket. Remember, the size doesn’t need to be exact!

Step 2 – Make 4-inch cuts along the perimeter of the fleece, perpendicular to the edge. At each corner you’ll end up cutting out a 4-inch square. You can cut the two pieces of fleece at one time, or separately, but make sure they have the exact same number of cuts along the sides.

Step 3 – Lay the two pieces together and simply tie one strip (made by the 4-inch cuts) from each piece of material together. This effectively “sews” the two pieces together and makes a thick, soft blanket.

Step 4 – Relax. The animals will love the softness and feel the love in every tie. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect!

Field trip anyone?

If your group is looking for an outing, you may find it at the end of all your hard work! Plan a trip to your local shelter to deliver the blankets and visit the animals. The internet has many great ways to find a shelter nearby. One of the best sites to use is Based only on your zip code, they offer an extensive listing of pets available, as well as animal shelters, in your immediate area. Be sure to call first to make sure they accept, and can use, blankets!

The American Humane Society estimates there are six to eight million orphaned pets, waiting in shelters across the US. All types of groups are reaching out to these animals with handmade blankets, which tie together practical benefits with that intangible security all creatures crave.

Though it seems like a simple thing, to offer a blanket to a homeless pet, it does provides a lifetime of comfort. It’s also a reminder to them, and to us, that until they find their “forever family,” there are people who care enough to bring comfort to their world.

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