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Embracing one’s own Tikkun Olam, or act of kindness to improve the world, can be a daunting challenge. It has to wedge itself between jobs, kids, pets, life. I seldom come across anyone with time to spare. More often I see people multi-tasking to the breaking point. Or maybe that’s just me.

Despite our hectic lives, the world reminds us daily of its brokenness. Natural disasters, cancer striking someone close, or pets being euthanized in shelters. We don’t have to look far to find areas we truly want to offer our help.   At the same time however, the enormity of the problem can easily overwhelm us. How can we ever hope to truly make a difference? Unfortunately many people embrace the futility of the task, and never help at all.

That’s where “The Star Thrower” idea comes in. I came across this story, shortly after I started crocheting blankets for animal shelter pets in 2007. I don’t believe it was a coincidence that it crossed my path, just at the right time. It was a signal to me that doing something small and doing something for just one, might be the best thing of all. One of my favorite pastors (Andy Stanley) has said, “Do for one, what you can’t do for everyone.” This message helps me cope and helps me keep going!

It occurred to me that doing something which would seem totally insignificant to “the world”, but significant to the recipient, might embrace the concept of Tikkun Olam just perfectly.

Of course as we make a difference “to one”, another one shows up to take its place. Before frustration or fear reaches out to you, know that resources, blessings and surprises will show up as well. I can testify to the many “coincidences” that occurred which kept Comfort for Critters going, when I was sure it would not. I’ve seen roadblocks lie down and become bridges…and this certainly wasn’t because of me!

So I once again, encourage everyone to not let the “smallness” of your effort, or your contribution, get in your way. Every small kindness has the capacity to multiply and bring about great change. Another point made by the Tikkun Olam.

So find some act of kindness you can wedge into your life. If you’re already helping out, which I know many of you are, see if you can’t fit in just one more thing. I fear more each day that the people who are helping are seriously outnumbered by those who have given up. The world needs just one more thing, now more than ever. I challenge you; I challenge myself. Let’s make a difference for just one more “starfish”.

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