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The Do's and Don'ts of Blanket Making

When I started CFC in 2007, the only blankets I made were crocheted ones, about 20” x 20”. These fit the most enclosures at the two shelters we initially supported and crocheting pretty much maxed-out my creativity. I was also only creating about 100 blankets a year! Now that we have so many creativ…

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Lessons from our Pets - Part 2!

My humble list continues with many more lessons I’ve learned, sometimes the hard way, from my pets. I’ve cared for just about every type of pet you can imagine, and have learned and enjoyed every minute along the way. Well, for most of those minutes! See if you don’t agree with learning about true b…

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Lessons from our Pets - Part 1!

As I tell my kids all the time, life is all about learning. Learning what works, learning what to never, ever do again. We learn a bit from our success, but far more from our painful failures. Maybe it just helps me deal with the wrinkles and expanding waistline, but I consider myself far wiser with…

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Knitting as Espionage

As we create our blankets, I’m sure many of us send quiet, prayerful messages to the pets who will receive them. I’ve recently learned that knitting has been used to send other types of messages, equally important. There is a long history between knitting and espionage, in two distinct ways. Knittin…

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The Blessing of Blankets

I am always so personally touched when I get to interact with CFC volunteers. The concern over the perfect blanket size, softest yarn to use and ensuring a box has made it safely to me, reveals the heart of the person. I’m always impressed. I’ve also heard from numerous volunteers that they pray for…

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Make a Mattress Blanket!

A great thing about making pet blankets is that they are fun and quick to make! You’ll be done before you get tired of the stitch or the color! It’s also a great time to try out a new stitch, to see how you like it for other projects. Some of the best, and most unique crochet stitches for blankets a…

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T-Shirts Can Make Great Blankets!!!

This idea came from two different volunteers, both giving it a try in completely separate parts of the country at the same time. They created nice and thick, soft and sturdy pet blankets using old t-shirts!

Connie J., a volunteer in Florida, starts with 6-8 old t-shirts (the size of the shirt wil…

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For a New Idea … Try Patchwork Blankets!

Looking for a fun idea to spice up your blankets? Interested in trying something new? Here’s another twist to try, as we ratchet up our creativity for 2017. This idea comes from Jennifer B. of Cicero, IL. She made the blankets pictured and they are true beauties.

This is also a great way to com…

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Simple Trick to Make Super-Thick Blankets!

Pets love blankets, and often the thicker the better! Shelters also love blankets, and the more colorful the better! Here’s an idea to make your pet blankets super-thick and quite colorful too. This is especially a good idea when all you have to work with is thin yarn. However, it also works well ev…

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How to Make Easy Tied-Fleece Blankets for Pets

Making a comfort blanket for a pet living in an animal shelter, does not need to be expensive, difficult, or require a lot of time. There’s also no need to take up knitting or crocheting. Tied-fleece blankets are loved by the shelters and pets alike. They are soft & thick, bright & colorful and easy…

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Add Pizzazz to Your Pet Blankets!

One of the many great things about making pet blankets is that you can be so creative! You can try out new stitches, combine wacky colors and test if you can master a new technique, without making it a massive project. One of my favorite ways to be creative is to use novelty yarn to add a splash of …

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How to Make NO-TIE Fleece Blankets

Tied-fleece blankets are a great group project, and fun to make. Even the youngest of volunteers can master them quickly. However, all that tying can get tedious. Here's the solution....make a NO-TIE fleece blanket and comfort a homeless pet today!

Start with two pieces of fleece, cut to be the s…

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How to Add a Drawing to Your Blankets

When you make a beautiful blanket for a pet in an animal shelter, waiting for their forever family, no bit of extra work goes unnoticed. The shelter workers love passing out the blankets to their waiting guests, the pets love the softness and comfort and the adoptive families are thrilled to hear th…

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