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Introducing yourself to a "new" dog

Animal lovers are typically open about their appreciation for all cats and dogs which cross their path. A walk around the neighborhood, or through an area forest preserve, will produce man delightful encounters with dogs of all shapes and sizes. In other cases, you may be visiting a friend who has a new dog they are eager for you to meet.

Whatever the circumstances, there truly is a protocol which should be observed. You may not be aware of these guidelines, but the dog likely is!

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Dogs & Chocolate - No amount is safe!

Mental & Physical Exercises for your dog!

how to tell if Your Dog Love You ...

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Dogs as Blood Donors

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Make Your Dog's Toys - New Again!

Doggy Fun!

Walk Your Dog & Lose Weight

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Great Charities That Help Pets & the Military

A great way to end the year is to shine a spotlight on two awesome charities that could use everyone’s support. They combine a love of pets, with a respect and admiration for those who serve our country in the military. Check these out and maybe there’s a way you can help!  Read more

fun & easy indoor game for pups!

It’s been cold and snowy in the Midwest, so the two daily walks my pups get, just haven’t been happening! I know I miss the exercise, and I can imagine they do as well. To help pass the days inside, keep them alert, and give them a bit of exercise we’ve been playing a fun “ball-game” that’s easy to put together and they really seem to enjoy it.

You’ll need an old muffin tin, a dozen tennis balls and some dog treats.  I started by putting a treat in each muffin cup and topped it with a tennis ball to “hide” it. Sometimes I only put 2-3 treats in a couple of the cups, so they have to hunt down their treats! Since we have hardwood floors, I put a small dot of flannel on the bottom of the four corners of the muffin tin, so that it doesn’t scratch the floor as it’s gets scooted around by battling pups!

They seem to enjoy using their noses to dig out the tennis balls and see if there’s a reward or not. Fairly soon they’re able to tell whether or not there’s a treat in an individual cup, without digging out the ball. Impressive!

If your dog loves tennis balls they may also enjoy pushing them around the room, even after the game ends. My younger dog will usually take one of the balls up to her bed, which is adorable. One word of warning is in order. Be sure to watch your step as they play. The balls will go everywhere. You’ll also have to search around a bit to collect them all. I consider this my part of the game!  It gives me some much needed exercise, until the weather breaks and we can get back out for a long walk!

De-Skunking Your Pet!

For many of us, evening walks with the pup are one of life’s greatest joys. Smelling the distinctive odor of a skunk, clearly is not! Fear of being sprayed by a skunk should not keep you, or your dog, stuck inside at dusk (when skunks are most active). It’s rarely dangerous, and if you’re prepared, clean up isn’t too bad. Read more

Are Yawns Contagious with Dogs?

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The Amazing Fibromyalgia Dog

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Probiotics with Fur?

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Pet Benefits for Seniors

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Can I Trust a wagging tale?


One of the most misunderstood aspects of dogs is their wagging tail. It’s a common belief that a dog with a wagging tail is a “happy dog”, but that’s not entirely true. A wagging tail can mean “stay away” as easily as it means “come on over!” Not knowing how to correctly interpret this aspect of canine behavior can cause a lot of misunderstanding during human-canine encounters!

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What are Conservation Dogs?

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Autism Service Dogs as Faithful Companions

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Peanut Butter Doggie Treats!

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Dogs Help Cancer Patients

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How old is your dog (really)?