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Knitting & crochet world records!

Create Your Own Yarn-Winder!

Click here for directions on making tidy yarn balls out of all those unruly leftovers!

blankets with drawings!

Make an Easy Cat Toy!

Edging - The Finishing Touch!


One of the many things I appreciate about our blankets is that they really show off the love and caring we have for homeless pets. Crafters tend to forget that not everyone is a “fiber artist”, and so when an adoptive family meets a dog or cat, wrapped in a beautiful hand-crafted blanket, they are impressed! They are even more thrilled to find out their new family member gets to take it home!

A great finishing touch to a blanket is a decorative trim. It’s a wonderful way to add color, cover some uneven side-stitches or make a small blanket a bit bigger. Here are four ideas for the perfect trim to add to the crocheted blankets you may be working on.

Try one of these, or just do a simple half-double crochet around the perimeter. The only “trick” is to make sure you put three half-double crochets into every corner stitch. Enjoy!        

Edging Ideas Here!

Make a Doggie Puff Toy!

No more weaving in ends...with the Russian Join!

Do you love changing colors often in a pattern, but hate weaving in all those ends? If so, the Russian Join may be a solution for you!


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Knit the Fisherman's Rib!

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this fun stitch!

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