Comfort for Critters

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Lessons from our Pets: Selflessness

It’s important to care for something that gives nothing in return – Here’s what my son’s snake “Monty” taught me (and yes, it’s a python). Though I love all God’s creatures, snakes are truly not the most cuddly. You can feed, stroke and care for a snake, but they will never so much as slink over to your side of their enclosure when you enter the room. They just won’t. Accepting that fact, yet still cleaning their cage after an especially large meal of “rat”, takes a higher level of caring (and a strong stomach). It’s a principle too, which Jesus focused on. If you only love your friends, big deal. Love your enemies and that will be something that turns heads.

If you only give to those who can pay you back, who cares? Try giving to those who could never repay you and your reward will be waiting in heaven. I try to remember that with each visit to Monty.

I believe all our pets teach us this principle to some extent. Though they give us a ton of love and comfort, materially it’s a one-way deal. So spending our money, and more importantly our time, on these “critters” builds our character, our compassion and our caring. For me anyway, it makes it that much easier to apply this to my all-important “fellow man” (or woman). Agree?


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