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How to Make a Crunchy Cat Mat!

Cats like a lot of things, but there are a handful of treasures they simply love! Combine the soft feeling of yarn, a crunchy grocery bag and a handful of catnip, and you have a wonderful toy they will play with, sleep on and all around cuddle!

It’s so easy to make, you may want one for every room.    

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 4 ply or thicker yarn
  • K size or smaller crochet hook
  • Plastic grocery store bag
  • A heaping tablespoon of catnip

Next, just follow these easy steps:

1 - Create two small, crocheted cat blankets following any pattern you have. You can use this pattern (click here) or one of your own. The finished pieces should be approximately 10 inches across. Remember, this is something they’re going to play with, not necessarily sleep on.


2 – Place these blankets back to back and attach them together. This can be done using a simple single-crochet stitch which connects the back loop of each stich on the final row around each blanket. Leave an opening of about two inches and do not yet finish off the yarn.


3 – Stuff into the opening the plastic grocery store bag and a heaping tablespoon of catnip. Now you can stitch it the rest of the way closed and tie off the yarn. It’s easy to pull the extra bit of yarn at the end inside the piece, so no need to even weave in the ends!


You now have a great toy your cat will love to play with, crunch on and even chew a bit!

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