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Great Games to Enhance Kitty's Playtime!

There’s nothing more fun than hanging out and playing with your kitty! Kittens demand this, but older cats can sometimes get forgotten. No more! Here are some fun ideas on ways to play with your kitty, of any age.

Elastic is your best friend! Tie one of your cat’s favorite toys to the end of short piece of stretchy elastic and tie the other end to a door knob. Make sure you don’t make it too long. You want the toy to dangle, but not drag on the ground. It’s also necessary to do this in an area where you can supervise the little one. You don’t want them getting all tangled up!

Bells are great too! Tucking a jingly bell into a larger ball or any round object will make a great toy for your kitty. The sound will attract them from across the house as you roll it across the floor or bounce it down stairs.

Rotate!  Rather than putting out every toy, put most of them away and just bring out a few at time. Tuck them into spots where your cat hangs out, but may not expect to see a toy. Rotate them occasionally, to keep them interested.

Simple objects can entertain! There are many commercial cat toys on the market, but sometimes it’s the homemade items that are the most fun.

* A rolled up ball of foil can entertain kitties for hours.

* When you’re unpacking the groceries, toss a few of the plastic grocery bags on the ground to get their attention (be sure to supervise!).

* Most any box will be of interest to your cat. Be sure to leave an open end facing sideways for easy access. It’ll be their personal hide-out!

After playtime…  Once kitty is tired out, nothing will be better for them than a scratching post, cat-hammock or your lap. Be sure to give them somewhere to stretch out and take a nice long nap.

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