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How to Make NO-TIE Fleece Blankets

Tied-fleece blankets are a great group project, and fun to make. Even the youngest of volunteers can master them quickly. However, all that tying can get tedious. Here's the solution....make a NO-TIE fleece blanket and comfort a homeless pet today!

Start with two pieces of fleece, cut to be the same size. Any size will do as long as it’s square or rectangular. Put one piece on top of the other, lining up the edges so that they are even. It doesn’t need to be exact – just close!

Now you are ready to cut your “fringes”. Make 3-inch “cuts” into both pieces of fleece along all four sides. The cuts should be spaced about 1 inch apart. You’ll end up with a 3-inch square cut out of each corner.

Starting on one side, flip all the fringes up (see photo at right). Next, make a very small (1/3”) slit where the fleece is folded at the base of the fringe. Cut through all layers (see photo, far right). Don’t make the slit too big, or you’ll end up with holes along the perimeter after the next step!


Now tuck the ends of the fringe through the slit you just made and then pull the fringe down and tight! (See photos) Do this for all the fringes around all four sides.

That’s it! You’ve made a fleece blanket without tying a single knot! This method is a bit easier on the hands, when you’re making many blankets in a row. It’s also faster and makes a more comfortable blanket, since it doesn’t have a row of knots along the perimeter. The resulting soft and comfy blanket will be loved for a lifetime!




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