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For a New Idea … Try Patchwork Blankets!

Looking for a fun idea to spice up your blankets? Interested in trying something new? Here’s another twist to try, as we ratchet up our creativity for 2017. This idea comes from Jennifer B. of Cicero, IL. She made the blankets pictured and they are true beauties.

This is also a great way to combine all those little bits of leftover yarn you may have. Just create small squares or other shapes and use up all that extra yarn. Each square can even be made using a different pattern, so it’s a good way to experiment with a new stitch you’ve been wanting to try out. Just make sure the final shapes are all the exact same size!

I then like to trim each small shape in a neutral color and use that color to connect them using a single crochet stitch. It’s quite fun to creatively lay out all the colors and design the perfect blanket. I hope you’ll give it a try … and enjoy!


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