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Add Pizzazz to Your Pet Blankets!

One of the many great things about making pet blankets is that you can be so creative! You can try out new stitches, combine wacky colors and test if you can master a new technique, without making it a massive project. One of my favorite ways to be creative is to use novelty yarn to add a splash of pizzazz to an otherwise ordinary blanket.

Novelty yarn includes eyelash, glitter, ribbon, Chenille and metallic, as well as other unique types of yarn. You just have to wander through a craft store to be memorized by the beautiful yarn they have to offer (or is it just me?). It’s a bit hard to capture in photos, but these blankets were made by Cheryl D of Naperville, IL and have incorporated novelty yarn alongside the standard 4-ply type. They sparkle and shine when you see them in person!

The round blanket incorporates a dazzling metallic yarn throughout, with a double layer along the edge. The pink blanket adds a fuzzy eyelash yarn in white throughout and the square black blanket adds just a bit of sparkle yarn in the piece.

As long as it’s washable, this type of yarn can be added to any standard blanket pattern. It’s great to mix it with 4-ply yarn, so that the piece is heavier and durable. The special yarn can be woven throughout, or just used as an edging. Unfortunately this yarn is a bit more expensive, but if you invest in one skein you can use it to add a stunning border to many blankets! The small size of pet blankets, makes them the perfect way to use up a remnant of this yarn you may have from another project. Remember, we don’t like anything to go to waste!


If you don’t have novelty yarn handy, try adding a “fancy” border in a contrasting color. Most of all, let your creativity flow and know that there’s no “wrong way” to make a pet blanket. Each one will be loved for a lifetime by a pet who now knows they are not forgotten!

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