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Knitlandia – A delightful reading destination!

What fun it was to read a book about something so near and dear to CFC volunteers. No, it wasn’t a book about cats and dogs, but one about knitting and knitters! Knitlandia, by Clara Parkes, was an engaging tale of one yarn enthusiast’s journey to knitting retreats, fiber mills and tucked-away stores on family vacations. It took me on a journey to distant lands which I’d love to visit, and retreats full of people I’d love to meet!

Parkes began her own online magazine, called Knitter’s Review, years ago and so immersed herself in the world of yarn. She talks about the ways it’s fabricated, coveted and used. For someone who is content with Walmart’s standard 4-ply, I had no idea it could be so complicated and beautifully exotic.

With just the right amount of humor she takes readers along to Iceland, Paris and the amazingly quirky festivals right here in the US. At times I laughed out loud (when she talks about knitting in public) and at other times I felt so inspired that I longed to read and knit at the same time (alas, I can’t!).

It’s a quick read, at just over a dozen chapters, with each one focused on a very cool locale and the yarn to match. I found that I didn’t need to be well-versed on how yarn is crafted, or have the author’s encyclopedic knowledge of the trade, to enjoy her trials and travels. You don’t even need to know how to knit . . . if you can crochet or enjoy any fiber art, you're welcome too.  Simply put, if you love roaming the aisles of your craft store, mesmerized by (and reaching out to touch) all the beautiful yarn, you’ll fit right in.

She eloquently captured what I’ve seen in my many years as a fiber-artist (my new title, which I am totally embracing!). Breaking out some yarn in almost any gathering, will draw like-minded people out. And, all in all, they are the nicest people to have around. If you want a fun read that will be hard to put down, travel to Knitlandia!

* Just FYI, this is a completely independent review. I receive no compensation at all for my review, except the satisfaction that comes from sharing my love of yarn and reading!

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