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Catnip Fun for Cats!

Catnip is one of those things, that for some cats, can make an old toy new, and a rainy day a bit more exciting. Have you ever wondered though if all that extra playtime comes at a cost? Is it healthy for them, or addicting? Why do only some cats seem effected?

Catnip is one of hundreds of species in the mint family... (Read more here)

10 Signs Your Cat Loves You

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How to Know if Your Cat is in Pain

One of the most frustrating experiences in any pet parent’s life is when they think, or find out, their cat is in pain. Sometimes pain is suspected, due to an injury or recent surgery. Other times it’s a complete surprise, happening when the veterinarian notices a condition that is surely causing pain, but the pet parent remained completely unaware. (Read more)

Why Cats Climb

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Why Cats "Knead"

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Why Do Cats Purr?

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Love Languages of Cats

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Is It Okay for Cats to Eat Grass?

Anyone who has a feline companion has probably noticed them munching on grass, and has dreaded the inevitable regurgitation. Not fun for anyone! Have you ever wondered if this is normal behavior or if something is not quite right? While we always encourage you to ask your veterinarian if you ever have a concern about your kitty’s health, odds are that all is well and this behavior is nothing to worry about.

Most veterinarians agree that eating grass will not harm your cat, and in some ways it may be beneficial. However, if they eat even a bit too much, it’s likely to “come back up” since cats lack the necessary enzyme to digest vegetable matter, including grass, in large amounts. However, the process of throwing up, just may be the point to this weird behavior.

By eating the grass and then throwing it back up, they are also cleansing their system of other items, such as fur (indoor cats), parasites (indoor or outdoor cats) , or feathers and bones (outdoor cats). These are all indigestible content, so when you cat rids itself of any of these, they are sure to feel much better!

Some experts theorize that because the juices contained in grass hold a fair amount of folic acid, an essential vitamin for cats, they may be chewing grass to gain this nutrient. Once that’s absorbed, there’s no need to hold onto the indigestible parts of the grass. Another theory says that the grass is eaten by cats who already have a bit of a stomach ache. By eating and regurgitating they are relieving their symptoms, and in the end, making themselves feel much better.

A few warnings however, are in order. If you live with an indoor cat, always make sure all your indoor plants are non-toxic. You may even consider purchasing some “indoor grass”, grown in small containers, specifically designed for cats to chew.

If you allow your cat to go outside, also make sure all your garden plants are non-toxic. You should also never use pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals on the grass or plants in your yard, if there’s even a chance your kitty will be chewing on them. If they wander outside your yard (never recommended) you are opening them up to whatever chemicals exist in your neighbor’s yard too!

However you allow them experience the world, just be sure to keep their world as safe as possible. Of course, when in doubt, check it out! Always ask your veterinarian for the most expert guidance on the kitty in your care!

Understanding TNR: Trap-Neuter-Return

The issue of pet overpopulation is not just visible in the hundreds of animal shelters across the US, but also in the millions of community cats which live short lives in this country. CFC blankets are only provided to animal shelters and foster care systems, but understanding TNR programs (a close cousin to the shelter system) can allow us to help these other homeless cats in our community.  (Read more here)

The Best Cat Name Ever

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