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~ Celebrating 11 Years & 64,000+ Blankets ~

September 2018 ~ CRITTER NEWS!

Another month, another 1,000+ homeless pets helped! I know that's getting to be routine here at CFC, but let's not forget what an accomplishment that is for all our volunteers and supporters. Every blanket is made with love and every dollar donated makes our mission possi

ble. Thank you!

I also appreciate everyone's patience in August. There was a lot of activity in my household, and I even got to take almost a week off to relax (and crochet, of course) in Michigan. I returned to a long to-do list and many emails to return. So thank you for giving me the time I needed to reply!

As we start to think about fall, it's a great time to stock up on materials for making blankets. Local volunteers are welcome to stop by my home 24/7 to pick up free yarn (always available) and fleece (as available, so email me first). I love to watch the materials flow out the door and I trust that more will flow right back in!

I hope you will have the time to read through this issue. I'm thrilled to be able to share some touching "thank you's" from a few shelters, tell you about Kira (one of my new heroes) and recap for you why other volunteers are supporting our mission. I hope reading these items will brighten your day and remind you of all the good there is in the world!

                        Thank you all!  Linda

Your Beautiful Creations!

special thank you's from special shelters!

"Meowy thanks to Comfort for Critters for the beautiful mats for the kitties. They will especially be enjoyed on cold winter days! Our Phoenix (below, left), who had been doused in chemicals and is now recovering, chose her own color (the orange one!) and pulled it right out of the box and laid on it! Esa Mae (below, right) couldn't wait for them to be unpacked! She claimed the whole box!! Thank you Linda and Comfort for Critters for your kindness!" ~ Kenosha Forgotten Friends


"The package of beautiful quilts plus toys arrived today. I HAD to send you these pics while they're 'hot off the press'! I acquired these four pups, plus their mama and daddy, via responding to an SOS. Both parents were dreadfully thin but friendly. All 6 tails wagged when I picked them up alongside a very remote road. Still underweight, the parents weighed a bit over 60 pounds each. We finally received rain, so you can imagine what those pups looked like, a couple hours ago! (Hint: they were NOT white). They seemed bored, so I tossed a couple of the blankets into the tub. Thank you so much!"                ~ Red River SPCA



Meet Kira - Someone you should know!

Kira S. of Shelburne, Vermont contacted CFC last month. She's a 15 year old super-hero! She rescues kittens and provides foster-care until they are old enough to be adopted. She's currently helping a litter of six kitties, and asked if we could help her with some blankets. Of course my immediate reply was "YES!"

 Kira shared with me some of her health conditions and mobility limitations, which require her to be at home a lot. She has always loved animals and so she contacted her local shelter, to see if she could help. She put together a plan to provide foster-care, which she had to "sell" to her parents a bit. With "a little bit of nudging", according to Kira, they were on board.

The very first litter she cared for, had some very ill kittens. "They had severe upper respiratory infections and I was sure two of them wouldn't make it. One kitty (Virgo) started to go down the path of fading, but thankfully I was able to save him," says Kira. Virgo went on to be a companion to a senior epileptic cat, and Kira is super-proud!

Kira handles all the medical issues which routinely come up. She's just getting started, but has already learned how to administer subcutaneous fluids for one foster kitty.  Another kitty had radial hypoplasia, which causes the radius (one of the long bones in the lower foreleg) to be severely shortened. Kira worked with another teen to design and 3D print custom braces! In addition, she developed a regimen for him which reversed his malabsorption issues. She is happy to report that he's putting on weight and getting healthier every day!

Kira is on the road to make the world a better place, as she follows her self-described passion for "caring for kittens with medical problems and getting them on the road to recovery." You can follow Kira, and her lucky kittens, on her Instagram page  (@krazykittens802), where she posts updates as often as she can. I'll be following her to see where this project takes Kira. I've assured her that CFC is happy to help with blankets any time she needs them! Thank you goes to our volunteers and supporters for making those blankets possible!   

(Photos: One of Kira's foster-kitties and some of the blankets and toys CFC sent).       

Shelters who received our blankets in august

ADOPT - Naperville, IL

A Forever Home - Tavares, FL

All 4 Animals - Mishawaka, IN

Almost Home - Elk Grove Village, IL

Animal Care Leage - Oak Park, IL

Animal Care Sanctuary - East Smithfield, PA

ARF-IL - Lisle, IL

Arizona Humane Society - Phoenix, AZ

Asheville Humane Society - Asheville, NC

Aurora Animal Control Shelter - Aurora, IL

Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care - Baltimore, MD

Best Friends of Pets - Oklahoma City, OK

Boone Area Humane Society - Boone, IA

Bucks County SPCA - Lahaska, PA

CatVando - Maywood, IL

Cedar Bend Humane Society - Waterloo, IA

Chenango SPCA - Norwich, NY

Chicago Animal Care & Control - Chicago, IL

Columbia County Humane Society - Portage, WI

Connecticut Humane Society - Newington, CT

C&W Rustic Hollow Shelter - Nashua, IA

DuPage County Animal Control Shelter - Wheaton, IL

East Providence Animal Control Shelter - East Providence, RI

Feral Fixers - Lombard, IL

Fox Valley Animal Welfare League - North Aurora, IL

Front Street Animal Shelter - Sacramento, CA

Fur Angels - Aurora, IL

Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies - Arvada, CO

Greenhill Humane Society - Eugene, OR

Happy Cat Haven - Colorado Springs, CO

Hinsdale Humane Society - Hinsdale, IL

Humane Rescue Alliance - Washington, DC

Human Society of Noble County - Kendallville, IN

Kane County Animal Control Shelter - Geneva, IL

Kendall County Animal Control Shelter - Yorkville, IL

Kenosha Forgotten Friends - Kenosha, WI

K&R Small Animal Rescue - Appleton, WI

Lawrence County Humane Society - New Castle, PA

Lulu's Locker Rescue - Chicago, IL

Naperville Area Humane Society - Naperville, IL

New Hampshire SPCA - Stratham, NH

Nobody's Perfekt Dogs - San Leandro, CA

Oriliia Animal Centre/Ontario SPCA - Orillia, ON

Pawmetto Lifeline - Columbia, SC

PAWS - Pueblo, CO

PAWS - Norwalk, CT

PAWS Chicago - Chicago, IL

Pulaski County Humane Society - Somerset, KY

Regional Animal Services of King County - Kent, WA

Rescue Me - Lexington, KY

Ross County Humane Society - Chillicothe, OH

Rover Rescue - North Aurora, IL

Royce's Rescues - Richboro, PA

Sacramento SPCA - Sacramento, CA

Schertz Animal Adoption Center - Schertz, TX

Seattle Area Feline Rescue - Shoreline, WA

Southeast Kansas Humane Society - Pittsburg, KS

Southern West Virginia Animal League - Princeton, WV

South Jersey Animal Shelter & Cumberland County SPCA - Vineland, NJ

SPCA of Southwest Michigan - Kalamazoo, MI

St. Sophia's Forgotten Felines - Addison, IL

Tails Humane Society - DeKalb, IL

TLC Animal Shelter - Homer Glen, IL

Tree House Humane Society - Chicago, IL

True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission - Venice, FL

Wisconsin Humane Society - Green Bay, WI

Wisconsin Humane Society - Milwaukee, WI

Wisconsin Humane Society/Ozaukee Campus - Saukville, WI

Young at Heart Pet Rescue - Lake Zurich, IL

For a complete list of shelters we support - click here!

The Tail Tells all!

One of my favorite things about living with cats is learning how they communicate and trying to understand what they are “saying” to me.  Dogs are a bit more obvious about their interests and intentions. Cats make us work for it, which is so much more fun!

One way, almost all cats communicate, is through their tail. Emotions are expressed in a simple swoosh, or a tightly tucked, tail. It’s important to understand what their tail is signaling, so that you can better understand your own companion. It’s also helpful if you encounter an unfamiliar kitty. You’ll know when they are agreeable to interaction, and when its best to leave them alone. There are eight common messages that cats express with their tails.... (Read More)

Pets you are helping!

more Shelter "thank you's" . . .

  • "Thank you so much for the box of blankets for our cat house. They will love them! Thank you for your generous support. Your gift will help us rescue animals so that some day they will all find forever homes." ~  Little Victories Animal Rescue -  Ona, WV
  • "I just came home to your large box filled with the most beautiful, cozy blankets. I am taking several up to my two rooms of kitten fosters. One room has two moms and six kittens, the other room has five adorable seven week old kittens. They are going to love having some new blankets to snuggle in. It is just so nice to be able to send each adopted cat or kitten home with their own blanket. The adopters really appreciate it too. Thank you and your awesome, talented volunteers so much!" ~ ARF-IL - Lisle, IL
  • "On behalf of all of us at the Animal Welfare League, and in particular the thousands of animals impacted by our work, I want to thank you for your recently received donation of blankets. For your support, we are truly grateful." ~ Animal Welfare League - Chicago Ridge, IL 
  • "Thanks for making our pets feel so loved! Thank you for the beautiful blankets. We love them!" ~ Buddy Foundation - Arlington Heights, IL 
  • "Our 'village', which includes staff, volunteers, police and many rescue organizations all work together to care for the animals that come to us, and your generous donation of blankets continues to provide for pets in need. Thank you for the blankets!" Hinsdale Humane Society - Hinsdale, IL

Our amazon & Etsy Blankets Make Great Gifts!

Here's an easy way to help us ship blankets and find a great gift for the animal-lover in your life.

Purchase one of our exclusive "Remnants Reborn" blankets, which are made by Linda, CFC's founder, using only remnant yarn, leftover after making shelter blankets. They are sold on Amazon and Etsy at a price that covers the shipment of a box of blankets. The recipient will receive a beautiful blanket and learn that a big box of blankets is being shipped to an animal shelter because of the purchase!

This card is included with their gift blanket:

A beautiful blanket PLUS sponsoring a shipment of blankets, equals a meaningful gift for any pet lover!  

                                                                    Click here for more info!

Help needed!

We are now donating over 1,000 blankets regularly every month,which is awesome! It's also A LOT of blankets to filter in and out of my house every month (not to mention all the fleece and yarn donations that go in, and back out!).

With this in mind, please consider donating your blankets directly to a shelter near you. This is especially helpful if you're out of state. Often I receive a box of blankets (with $25 of postage on it!) and I need to turn around and ship it back out (for another $25!), sometimes to the same state it came from!

I can help you find a shelter near you, and will do all the work getting then signed up. If you choose a shelter from our website list, I can promise you that in-state shipping will be less costly than sending them to me.

Benefits to donating your blankets locally and directly:

  • Cheaper than shipping them to Illinois (if you're out of state)!
  • You can ask for a tax receipt and possibly write off the donation (please check with your tax professional).
  • If you personally drop them off, you get to see all those little faces saying "thank you!"
  • You'll also get to see how much the staff appreciates the blankets!

If this doesn't work for you PLEASE continue to send me your blankets, and I will happily ship them out!  I get shipments every day, so this doesn't need to entirely stop....even a few less boxes will help a lot. Thank you for giving it some thought!

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Together we have donated 63,341 blankets!

august Blessings

1,378 Blankets

68 Shelters

27 States

94 Volunteers

  • We comforted so many homeless pets in August, by donating 1,378 blankets!
  • 68 different shelters, in 27 states (plus Ontario, Canada), received our blankets, and most received a handful of toys as well.
  • These blessings were only possible, due to the 94 volunteers and supporters who helped last month. Thank you!

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What CFC Volunteers Have to Say....

I continue to appreciate all the wonderful comments I'm receiving via the website form. Thank you! They keep me going and inspire me to work harder to help more homeless pets. I hope they inspire you as well!

  • "Everyone needs a little love, especially those who are helpless and rely on us humans for love, compassion and care. A little bit of kindness goes a long way." ~ Michelle O. of Tampa, FL
  • "I just lost my cat of 14 years and I know how much he loved his blanket, so I will continue to make blankets for kitties, hoping they will enjoy them as much. Hopefully the blankets will provide some warmth and comfort until these wonderful animals get a forever home." ~ Pam S. of Belgrade, MT
  • "I am an animal lover at heart and have enjoyed having many furry children over the years. I know how all of my children have been spoiled, so this is a small way to 'spoil' or help the furry kids not yet with their forever families. Donating blankets also shows the human staff and volunteers that their hard work is appreciated in the shelters and rescues. Many shelters and rescues are often stretched thin and spend their financial resources for basic necessities. Handmade blankets offer something that maybe the animals wouldn't get otherwise. I am in awe of everything CFC, as well as the participating shelters and rescues, do to help our furry ones." ~ Denise T. of Winston, GA
  • "I am making the blankets in memory of my dog, Jesse. He is the reason I stumbled upon this site. I was looking for help and found it. He sat close by as I crocheted blankets. He was a shelter dog. I will continue to crochet and hope all homeless pets find a forever home and take their blanket, that was made with love. I think the blankets will help keep them warm from the cage or ground. And I hope they will feel close to the blanket, to bring them comfort. I could never help 'hands-on' at a shelter, although I wish I could. So by making a little difference like crocheting blankets makes me feel I can help in a different way. Thank you!"  ~ Donna D. of Philadelphia, PA

A few friendly reminders...

  • Once you have some blankets made, please check  our "Shelters Supported" page to find a shelter near you (or at least in your state). Feel free to ship your blankets directly to the shelter, or drop them off, and just let me know how many you donated. Don't forget to ask for a tax receipt, since many of the shelters can provide this!

  • Don’t forget to leave your name and address on the blankets or materials you drop off at CFC headquarters in Glen Ellyn, IL so that I can send you a thank you note.

  • Remember that we are all juggling CFC, jobs and kids! I do reply to every inquiry, but it may take me a day or two. Thanks for your patience!

3 South 139 Sequoia Drive   Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

Linda Kastiel Kozlowski Founder & Owner