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~ Celebrating 11 Years & 66,000+ Blankets ~

october 2018 CRITTER NEWS! 

Happy Autumn everyone! After the hot, hot summer we had in the Midwest, I'm really enjoying the cooler weather. It also reminds me of the wonderful warmth of blankets and makes me want to crochet even more!

I've been doing a lot of work on the website this past month, though there's always more to do. Please stop by often, so that you can see what's new. All these resources are for our wonderful volunteers and supporters. For instance, I've greatly expanded the "Shelter Thank You's" page. These are for YOU! I do share some of the thank you notes I receive in our monthly newsletter, but I can't share them all. If you ever wonder if all your work is making a difference, stop by this page and you'll be reassured! 

I'm also working on a brand new page ("Great Projects for Groups") that will have lots of resources for groups who would like to help. Almost every month I work with one or more groups, and it's always a great experience for everyone involved! So if you know of an organization that would like to help homeless pets, please direct them to this page. I'm hoping to get it up and running by the end of October. 

Lastly, you'll notice that the "Buy a Blanket ~ Ship a Box" page now has blankets for sale directly on this website. These are the same blankets, created by me, that I was selling on Amazon and Etsy, to raise money to support CFC. However, both these other sites take a good chunk of the $20 sales price, so I'm thrilled to finally get these on our website directly. I make these blankets from leftover yarn, and each one sold keeps CFC "in business" and keeps us shipping blankets! If you know a non-crafter that would like to comfort their pet (and shelter pets!), please share this page with them. Thank you!!!

Happy Halloween,


Your Beautiful Creations!


Extra Special "thank you's" for you....


"Here are just a few pictures of our kitties enjoying your blankets. The last two pictures are of Vinnie and the dog house you so kindly donated!"       ~ ARF-IL


"Your present arrived last week and as you know, the cats are really enjoying the goodies! The same day as your blankets were received, we got a box from your volunteer in Canada, and a box came from your volunteer in New York. It amazes me how people go out of their way to help our homeless four-legged kids. It melts my heart what you and your volunteers are doing. Thanks and love to all of you."   ~ Chenango SPCA

Shelters Who Received Our Blankets in september

ACCT of Philly - Philadelphia, PA

ADOPT - Naperville, IL

A Forever Home - Tavares, FL

All 4 Animals Rescue - Mishawaka, IN

Almost Home - Elk Grove Village, IL

Almost Home Dog Rescue - Doylestown, PA

Anchorage Animal Care & Control - Anchorage, AK

Animal Aid for Vermilion Area - Abbeville, LA

Animal Care League - Oak Park, IL

Animal Care Sanctuary - Wellsboro, PA

Animal Care Sanctuary - East Smithfield, PA

ARF-IL - Lisle, IL

Aurora Animal Control Shelter - Aurora, IL

Blessed Bonds - Palos Park, IL

Catnap from the Heart - LaGrange Park, IL

Chicago Animal Care & Control - Chicago, IL

Colonial Capital Humane Society - New Bern, NC

Collin County Animal Services - McKinney, TX

Dharma Rescue - Torrance, CA

DuPage County Animal Control Shelter - Wheaton, IL

First Avenue Shelter - Eugene, OR

Fox Valley Animal Welfare League - North Aurora, IL

Fur Angels - Aurora, IL

GRACE Animal Rescue - El Segundo, CA

Greater Chicago Ferret Association - Lyons, IL

Humane Society of Greater Nashua - Nashua, NH

Humane Society of McKinley County - Gallup, NM

Humane Society of Ventura County - Ojai, CA

Humane Society of Warren County - Front Royal, VA

Kenosha Forgotten Friends - Kenosha, WI

Kindred Kitties - Kenosha, WI

Little Buddies - Mukwonago, WI

Marion County Animal Services - Ocala, FL

Montgomery Humane Society - Montgomery, AL

Naperville Area Humane Society - Naperville, IL

Nebraska Humane Society - Omaha, NE

New Hampshire SPCA - Stratham, NH

North Shore Animal League America - Port Washington, NY

Ontario SPCA/Orillia Animal Centre - Ontario

PAWS Chicago - Chicago, IL

PAWS - Norwalk, CT

PAWS - Tinley Park, IL

Pitter Patter Feline Rescue - Stamford, CT

Portsmouth Humane Society - Portsmouth, VA

Royce's Rescues - Richboro, PA

Second Chance Pet Adoptions - Raleigh, NC

Tails Humane Society - DeKalb, IL

TLC Animal Shelter - Homer Glen, IL

Town Cats - Morgan Hill, CA

Tri-State Spay & Neuter - Ashland, KY

Vincennes Animal Shelter - Vincennes, IN

Wabash County Animal Shelter - Mt. Carmel, IL

Western Illinois Animal Rescue - Monmouth, IL

Will County Humane Society - Shorewood, IL

Wisconsin Humane Society/Door County Campus - Sturgeon Bay, WI

Wright-Way Rescue - Morton Grove, IL

 For a complete list of shelters we support ... Click here!

Pets you are helping!

"Barry Linus" reminds us of the value of blankets!

I often hear stories of why volunteers join up to help CFC and come to believe in our mission. I wish I could share every one of the tales I hear! One such story comes from Melisaa M. of Pfafftown, NC. "Barry" is the adorable Beagle in the photograph and is Melissa's fur-nephew. Barry was adopted from a rescue group, but had a bit of trouble adjusting to his forever home. As Melissa shares, "during his first few weeks in his new forever home, he would tear the blankets and sheets off my sister and her husband's bed while they were at work. The poor little guy also had a lot of other separation anxiety symptoms."

Melissa guessed that he was just desperately wanting his own blanket, so she stepped in. "I got out my crochet hook and made him a small granny square afghan. Apparently that was just what he needed!" explains Melissa. A few days after receiving his own "blankie" from Melissa, Barry stopped destroying the bed. Within a few months, his symptoms of separation anxiety disappeared. Of course Melissa rewarded him with a couple more blankets to call his own.

Barry is still loving his forever home, now two years later. He's also still loving his blankets, choosing one to sleep with each and every night. He's certainly earned his nick-name, "Barry Linus!" He also reminds us of the value of the work we do and the value in having a comfort object to cuddle in the shelter, and also when they are finally adopted! A big thank you goes to every one of our volunteers and supporters. YOU make this comfort possible!

Direct Shipping Benefits Everyone!

We are now donating over 1,000 blankets regularly every month,which is awesome! It's also A LOT of blankets to filter in and out of my house every month (not to mention all the fleece and yarn donations that go in, and back out!).

With this in mind, please consider donating your blankets directly to a shelter near you. This is especially helpful if you're out of state. Often I receive a box of blankets (with $25 of postage on it!) and I need to turn around and ship it back out (for another $25!), sometimes to the same state it came from!

I can help you find a shelter near you, and will do all the work getting them signed up. If you choose a shelter from our website list, I can promise you that in-state shipping will be less costly than sending them to me!

Benefits of donating your blankets locally and directly:

  • Cheaper than shipping them to Illinois (if you're out of state)!
  • You can ask for a tax receipt and possibly write off the donation (please check with your tax professional).
  • If you personally drop them off, you get to see all those little faces saying "thank you!"
  • You'll also get to see how much the shelter staff appreciates the blankets!

If this doesn't work for you PLEASE continue to send me your blankets, and I will happily ship them out!  Thank you!

Shelter Thank You's...

"The Boone Area Humane Society thanks you for your donation and appreciates your thoughtfulness. Your gift and support are very important to the animals in our care and to the shelter we maintain. We thank your organization and your volunteers for the cat and dog blankets. We appreciate YOU!" ~ Boone Area Humane Society

"Thank you for the beautiful blankets and the bonus scratching disc. During kitten season the blankets go fast. You have wonderful, talented volunteers. Did you ever think your efforts would have grown into what it has? So many animals have you and your volunteers to thank for a warm, snugly blanket to comfort them while they wait for their forever homes." ~ ARF-IL

"Seeing your gift arrive, brightened my day. Please know how grateful I am for you and your generous in-kind donation of hand-made pet blankets! Your generosity and commitment is what enables us to care for and adopt out so many animals each year. We truly couldn't do this without you!" ~  Baltimore Humane Society

"Thank you so very much for your thoughtful and generous donation of blankets for Blessed Bonds. It is because of your kindness and compassion toward our animals that we are able to carry out our mission to improve the quality of life of animals and to place them in loving and permanent homes. Again, we truly appreciate your support and help in making a difference for the homeless animals who come through our doors." ~ Blessed Bonds

"Just a quick note to let you know we received your awesome blankets. I picked them up from the post office and will get them to the shelter. Thank you so much for your kindness. I can tell a lot of love went into them." ~ Lawrence County Humane Society

Shipping Funds Always Needed...

We now have some great ways to help us ship the 1,000+ blankets we donate to shelters each and every month. Visit Amazon, Etsy or the "Buy a Blanket ~ Ship a Box" page on our website to purchase one of our inexpensive "Remnants Reborn" blankets created by Linda, CFC's founder, using only remnant yarn after making shelter blankets. You'll be sponsoring a big box of 20 blankets, which will be shipped to a shelter outside of Illinois!

If you're a fiber-artist yourself, you may prefer to purchase a pair of our "Comfort Paws" earrings, also created by Linda. They're under $10 and with the proceeds we can support a local Illinois shelter with our blankets!


Each item comes with the above card, to explain how it's helping homeless pets, so it makes a great gift!

Check out the current selection!

A few friendly reminders...

Once you have some blankets made, please check our "Shelters Supported" page to find a shelter near you (or at least one in your state). Feel free to ship your blankets directly to them, or drop them off. The shelters do not notify me when they receive blankets, so please let me know via our website form or in an email. 

  Don’t forget to leave your name and address on the blankets or materials you drop-off at CFC headquarters in Glen Ellyn, IL so that I can send a thank you note!

  Remember that we are all juggling CFC, jobs, pets and kids! We do reply to every inquiry, but it may take a day or two. Thanks for your patience!

Together we have shipped 64,651 blankets!

September Blessings...

1,310 Blankets

56 Shelters

20 States

75 Volunteers

  • We comforted over a thousand pets in September by donating 1,310 blankets!
  • 56 different shelters, in 20 states (plus Ontario, Canada) received our blankets, and most received a handful of toys as well.
  • These blessings were only possible because of the 75 volunteers who helped last month. Thank you!

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Pets: Our Companions in Depression

Depression is a silent disease that remains the leading cause of disability in the US*. Until it came to visit my own home, I didn’t give it much thought. It affects over 16 million adults in the US, or 6.7% of the US population. I have seen first-hand the positive role pets can play in this illness.
Unfortunately, they are not a cure-all, but they can open lines of communication and offer a listening-ear to those who need it the most.  Read more here

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What CFC Volunteers Have to Say....

  • "I did cat rescue for 15 years (including forming a new rescue) so I know how important this project is and I am happy to participate in a good cause. The blankets will give new rescues a way to ease their fear and current sheltered pets something that becomes familiar and comforting." ~ Debbie S. in Springfield, NY
  • "When I saw how my Boxer enjoyed her blanket, and I had loads of yarn, I thought the animals waiting for their forever homes would really appreciate a warm cover to lay on. For older dogs and cats that have a tendency for arthritis, the nice warm blankets will certainly make them feel better.~ Tonda H. in Galveston, TX
  • "Shelter life is hard, so anything to give these babies a better time while waiting for their forever home is worth doing! The blankets will be something soft and comfortable to cuddle in. This is my first donation for CFC and I am so excited to drop them off!"  ~ Aden P. in Garfield Heights, OH
  • "I make the blankets because I just LOVE the animals. I think the blankets will give them comfort and familiarity. They need something of their own. Thanks for all you do!" ~ Kim C. in Grundy Center, IA

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